NEW Thailand Travel – Back to Where it All Began

Today we leave Pattaya on a Road Trip down the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand. Our First Stop will Be a Beach East of Rayong, Thailand known as Mae Rumphung Beach. This was my original vacation spot almost 30 year ago and the memories run deep. We stay at a lovely small sea side guest house and pay our respects to my personal angel. Enjoy the Ride!

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  1. Daniel Trump

    When I saw the Angel video last year I was blown away. The depth of your understanding of local culture and beliefs, and your openness to different ways of seeing the world shows you as a good man. Loved this video, loved your appreciation. Good man! Keep it up!

  2. Roby G

    Cozy beach home stay ! Always great Vlogs R4Ks !
    Wow took a bike spill down there ! Lucky man, good to pay homage to road Buddha yearly !
    Always wear our safety gear. Sad to see people destroy things like that at road shrine ! Good to help restore it back !
    Its about Mindfulness and Respect for our Lives and others including critters and nature on Earth !
    Be safe and sane on those Thai roads ! 😎 Sattahip to Ko Chang travels are mellow Thai rural runs !
    Rayong oil n gas production plants and distribution, maybe Chevron or PTT !

  3. Craig Wehrle

    This is my neighbourhood! I have a condo right near that corner, and Steve and Tuk are good friends. You picked a great place and great people! I can't wait to go back as I have not been there since Covid hit.

  4. Jody Canfield

    Curious…with as superstitious as the Thai people are do you really think someone(s) would vandalize a temple? Wouldn't that doom them with bad luck?
    Seems strange though that such heavy pottery was knocked over and broken especially if there wasn't a recent storm. 💨
    I also remember watching your last visit to the area and telling of your accident. I appreciate that you remind folks to wear a helmet. I always have and I believe that it saved me from a concussion at a minimum when a car turned into me and I hit it's window sill pretty hard back around 1980. I still ride today…with a helmet.

  5. Robert Burnett

    Lucky Lucas…I worked with a young guy who had a serious head injury. Not sure the cause. He can't talk, use of only one arm, hoisted for toilet needs. Maybe in chair forever. Worse than death.

  6. Philip Royle

    200 yards from the small temple is the Sea Sand Sun resort. Great pool. Good balcony's with really good sun sets.2 years ago 1000 baht per room. 10km beach. Its a quiet area but nice and not far ban phe for koh Samet

  7. pokeaman1

    Hi, Lucus & Vee enjoyed your video. Your face when she told you her exam score, not the best as my teacher would say "room for improvement", Going to the shrine where you should have died with no helmet on the road. Most people would have received a broken skull and brain damage but you walked away pretty much unscathed. Something was looking after you. Angels are in every faith and they all do the same thing.
    Who was the woman? did you ever find out her details?
    The accommodation is basic but you are beachfront location. I could live the beach life there for a couple of days. 18 dollars a night for two people you can't really knock it.
    Take care GOD Bless you and yours. M


    Coming from Malaysia, I'm exposed to supernatural stories since childhood. But it's this video which has mede me realize how Thailand is perhaps unique from the rest of SE asia in framing what could be called an eerie event, and framing it in a positive light. After years of visiting & being calmed by the tranquil wats in every town, Thanks Lucas for illuminating yet another interesting facet of Thailand which we have all probably felt & seen, yet have never delved beneath the surface . 😊

  9. Anthony Dowling

    You do get off the well beaten track into the real Thailand .Having a Thai companion helps ,especially if its an older lady .A middle aged man travelling around with a young Thai girl 20 y old ,just screams S.T. Not saying that there is anything wrong with that either .


    thank god you survived that motorcycle accident ridez4kickz channel is the reason i now know so much about thailand keep blessing us with your content lucas, a happy subscriber🙏🇹🇭🇺🇸🇯🇲

  11. James Anderson

    Great Video ! I can't believe an entire year has past. Last year when you told the story of the Accident and found the temple I had only been a subscriber for 4 months or so. The 400 cc was still under rebuild. Time Flys. 🙏🙏🙏

  12. Matthew Swickard

    it's hard to believe its been a year since your last trip there. I was a fairly new subscriber back then, but I remember that video very much. I like your appreciation for the Thai culture and its spiritual components. Thanks for another great video and how did i miss the 50k subscriber mark? Congrats!!

  13. Micky Fenner

    My first motorbike accident happened not far from your first but it was on the way back to Rayong city from Mae Rhumpung . 11 years later still here just wiser when driving or riding 🙂

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