Tourist areas struggle, Thai Air Asia in trouble | Good Morning Thailand LIVE | Ep.135

In today’s episode Jay, Tim and Natty talk about how Tourism has struggled and look at the different parts of Thailand, Air Asia’s struggle and cost cutting, China’s impact on Thai tourism and the upcoming changes to Thaiger Youtube.

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40 Replies to “Tourist areas struggle, Thai Air Asia in trouble | Good Morning Thailand LIVE | Ep.135”

  1. Ray Flaherty

    1) Lot's of people go to Pattaya for the beaches. I'm not saying it makes sense, but it is the truth. 2) Chiang Mai is the 6th most populous province in Thailand, so being 4th in number of new cases is not too surprising imo. 3) There are not any far ques, but if you see Kay…

  2. Mr. Westmountain

    WATCH OUT! This happened to a Finnish tourist. Quarantine for one day is a theory! I arrived in Bangkok on 18.11. Surprisingly, I was told that I would have to be quarantined for 7 days instead of 1 day. And if I complain it can be changed to 10 days! The reason is reportedly that Thailand has not approved the Pfizer vaccine! I have 3 vaccinations 3/3 .. should have been Astra or Sinovac vaccine !! ??! They didn’t let me go to the high-end approved quarantine hotel I paid for in Jomtien, but presented another top-notch hotel in Bangkok that I didn’t approve of. And they didn’t even allow me to charge my two phone lines that I could have called for help. I was held in Suvarnabhumi for over 6 hours.
    Eventually, they booked me a 7-day stay at a modest quarantine hotel in Pattaya. Laughed and said that Finland had chosen the WRONG vaccine. We traveled to the hotel with one French man and wondered about my 7 day quarantine when he had the same 2/2 vaccine but only 1 day quarantine! Language problems? I speak both French and. English. At least not for me when I have a master's degree from an American university. I was in contact with the Royal Thai Embassy in Helsinki from the hotel, where I wondered. But nothing new has happened. I was tested by the time the hotel was reported to be free! Once again – EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE IN THAILAND! – Surprised.

  3. Saranya Rathanon

    Europe is rioting with anti vaxxers spreading the virus thailand travel restrictions coming soon.
    They are responsible not the double jabbed. Thailand needs to ban these EU countries now Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, Italy, Northern Ireland, Austria and North Macedonia on Saturday.
    All online you can read and see in news people who dont like to be told what to do and they make the problem worse for everybody.

  4. B K

    If Thailand got rid of all the paperwork (Thailand Pass, Insurance, Quarantine etc) except prove of vaccination or vaccination card, they would get more tourists. I would go to Thailand on the next flight.

  5. danny sharp

    lts not the l night quarantine thats the problem ,its the test,with the possibility of having your holiday ruined .l'll be 3X vaccinated if lcome february,but lm not coming unless l dont have to take another test (as lve been tested before boarding my aircraft ) same as every other traveller on that aircraft

  6. maxmiguel500

    For me the bottom line with airlines is how often they have crashes ! Some airlines in the past have been banned from European airports because of a poor crash record . Nattys airline lost a plane in 2014 ( Surabuya to Singapore ) . ( Sorry Natty )

  7. RJ

    In 2 years fewer than 1 in 3500 of the Thai population have died 'with covid' with an average age over 80.
    The total covid deaths are equal to the new born Thai babies born in just 8 days.
    I wonder how many Thais think this self inflicted economic suicide is worth it.

  8. Jamie

    I'm so relieved there are NO tourists here in Hua Hin. I think it's PLENTY crowded. Enjoying the malls, shops and beach until tourism picks up. Then traffic will suffer and more confusion. Best time to come here is NOW.

  9. Sho Nuf

    G!bralt@r, the most vaccinated place on earth, has canceled Christm@s events and advised the public to avoid social gatherings due to a record rise in Cov!d-19 c@ses. What’s going on?

  10. Oye Oye

    If Thailand really wants more tourists they should remove all of the Cov!d restriction / complexity for people to visit, They should also welcome all tourists (regardless of vax status).

  11. Bobby Long

    Just made it back to Thailand from France, today, woohoo! Pleasantly surprised at how smooth the entry was (even getting the Thailand Pass was pretty easy even used Hotmail). Escaping the 5th wave in Thailand seemed like the logical choice. So glad to be back!

  12. Antony Sidney - Retro BikeRestorations

    Boris is in denial in the uk and covid isn't even spoken about now so we have never heard about the 5th wave???? dont think its the paperwork for the thai pass its the 'what if' scenario where your 2 week break turns into a month 6 week nightmare if something does happen and you lose job back home and have to claim off iffy covid insurance

  13. Albert Arakelian

    I always saw Air Asia as having the slimiest web site, where you never see the final price until after pages and pages of nonsense. I will not use them no matter how low the price. Honest people tell you the price up front.

  14. GRF Store

    There is a saying, the funeral ceremony is huge but the deceased is a mouse. The world reaction to this COVID pandemic has been a disaster. The virus can be deadly but only 5% of people are vulnerable and only 1% of them end up dead. This is like saying, let shut down all car traffic because of the possibility of accidents, some of which are fatal. It makes no sense, except if you want to sabotage the car industry and services related to it. World leaders need to wake up to reality and implement thoughtful solutions rather than being drama queens. This is going crazy and a lot of people have suffered enough from the unnecessary chaos and BS.

  15. Dion the Nomad

    Air Asia is the worst and will never fly with them ever again. My son had to move out of boarding in Phuket last year due to covid and I booked the max allowance they offered of 45kg I think and he was over almost 20KG sine he had all of his belongings with him to Bangkok. They wanted 7000 baht for the extra baggage even though I wasn’t able to book it online. I had to go to the airport to collect his bag as refused to pay 7000 baht for less than 290kg of extra luggage. Looks like Karma is catching up with them.

  16. Saranya Rathanon

    My bf tell me joke
    a guy walks into a bar and talks with a guy He asks him where you from ? the guy says USA, so he says I know a great american joke The yank says well my friend here is also from usa and the fat guy next to him is from Usa. So he says nah never mind I am not explaining it 3 times 555555

  17. brian Michael Romer

    Yes come to Thailand now it is amazing we live here in Naiyang beach Phuket and it is buzzing the beach is beautiful business are opening hope to see you soon

  18. D S'brg

    Have you noticed that one time when you go to break, there is a black screen for 15 seconds or so, and then it goes back to you, with no commercial occuring.

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