Chiang Mai Old Town on a Bicycle November 2021 🇹🇭 Thailand

In Chiang Mai we took the bicycles from our Hotel (Cheevaa Dee) and drove around the Old Town. There are hundreds of temples in Chiang Mai city and I just wanted to show a few. Chiang Mai in Thai means New City.

At Smoothy Blues I bumped into Forrest Lee who i never met before. At Lunch Chef Tao gave a me a nice tour of his restaurant Chef Tao’s Thai Cuisine.

Chiang Mai is a great city if you like to explore old temples. The city was founded in 1296 and it was the capital of the Lanna Kingdom till 1558. It still has a city wall, gates and a moat.

The locations in this video on google maps

Smoothie Blues :
Wat Chiang Man :
Chef Tao’s Thai Cuisine :
Wat Prathat :
Three Kings Monument :
Wat Jet Lin :
Wat Chedi Luang :

Time Stamps

00:00 Intro
00:18 Smoothie Blues
01:04 Chiang Mai
01:59 Wat Chiang Man
04:48 Wat Lamchang
05:49 Chef Tao’s Thai Cuisine
10:39 Wat Phrathat
11:17 Three kings Monument
12:56 Wat Jet Lin
15:55 Wat Phan Whaen
17:14 Wat Puak Tam
17:58 Wat Phuak Hong
18:52 Wat Chedi Luang
24:23 Outro
24:42 Forrest Lee

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I filmed this with my Samsung S21 Phone and DJI Gimbal

26 Replies to “Chiang Mai Old Town on a Bicycle November 2021 🇹🇭 Thailand”

  1. Gert Drok

    Thanks for this video, with your very Clear and Good info. I have been many times in CM but have never seen Wat Jet Lin. And…. Khao Soi is for me number 1 to eat in the North. 🙏

  2. Jorgen D

    Nice video. Like the bicycle around. I liked Wat Pharat Doi Sutep. I planned ride bike there for a bit of race to… but didn’t ride there. Probably a good idea for most not to take bike there. Anyway a nice view and interesting

  3. Tabtim Thong

    I would like to try cannabis hahaha your video is very interesting. There are the places in the city that i still haven't seen in Chiang Mai. Thank you for sharing🙏🏻🙏🏻

  4. Michael Tanyaviriya

    Love the video as always!!! Wonder why CM has not started putting cable wires underground like BKK or Pattaya? It would add to the existing charm.

  5. Tasanee Wantanakul

    Very nice chaing mai am been there should 20 year ago weather nice up there
    A beautiful place amazing temple there
    Realy nice content and video. . !

  6. สุทธิศักดิ์ มธุรพงศากุล

    Take a bike ride to Galae restaurant where there is a view of a small lake and beautiful flowers.

  7. komson tee

    Lovely to see the atmosphere of many Lanna Temples in CNX… It is so charming town over more than 725 years… and wish you have good time in CNX. Cheers!

  8. Falconetti

    NICE RIDEALONG….It's good with some brake time from the Big Durian…or Big Mango BKK…..But for ME…BKK is still KING.😆🤌🏻Thanx Mr.&Mrs.GTM🙏👍🏻

  9. Eeng Suherman

    Good informative video and good news. Happy listening Chiang Mai was reopening for taurism. I hope many people coming to there. Good job Mister J.👍

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