The direction of Thailand & tourism in 2021 reopening without a quarantine

The direction of Thailand & tourism in 2021 reopening without a quarantine
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34 Replies to “The direction of Thailand & tourism in 2021 reopening without a quarantine”

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  2. Mofazzal Hossain Rizu

    Hello I am from Bangladesh.. I am basically a solo traveller… Am I allowed to travel Bangkok and Pak Chong of Thailand??
    I really want to go…

  3. sonny huynh

    Please, help me!! I really need to know which insurance company has sell heath insurance 100 usd for one month ( the time i gonna stay in Phuket) …the names of those , Thanks

  4. watahyahknow

    planning on visiting end of '22 in the cooler and dry months
    even we feel the restriction from covid here in the netherlands , where not there yet
    i think the thai economy will recover verry fast as there be more foreighners like me waiting for the safe sign and then fly over in droves taking 2 years in savings with them , just hope the thai can produce enough food drink and stuff to keep them all happy
    heared about an app you need to have on youre phone and you need to scan the qr code at the entrance of everything you visit

  5. MATTHEW TODD Behind The Scenes

    You must be crazy to rely on tourism. This can happen at any time in the future. Time to forget tourism industry and work on strengthening the country in areas such as engineering and farming where Thailand underperforms compared to neighbours. No party lasts forever and now it is time to get to work.

  6. SongJohn SookJai

    Hello Teya, my name is John. I enjoy your channel and I am watching you as I type this. I am watching your video on "The direction of Thailand & tourism in 2021 reopening without a quarantine. I wish when you explaing all of this that you would not laugh so much when you talk about opening because I can tell that you know that the Thai government does not know what they are doing and they change their minds every day. It hurts people like me and my Thai wife who can't wait to go back to Thailand. I doubt it very much if Thailand will reopen in 120 days. If that happens, your government will no longer have control on all their people and I don't think the PM can live with that. I truly hope you are correct and we can all get back to normal. I think the first step is to stop using Sinovac because it appears it doesn't work. The Thai government should start focusing on vaccines that work such as Moderna, Pfizer, Astrazeneca. We here in America are back to normal with people being able to go to baseball games, shopping, dining, etc; without masks and we seem to be doing fine. We never used Sinovac. I guess the Thai government got a good deal from China. Thanks

  7. Benjamim Rivera

    120 days to reopening. I have never been to Thailand, and I met online a beautiful girl which I will like to meet. I've seen youtube information about what not to do, which is fine, but what brought to my attention as a tourist I'm not protected by Thailand law enforcement. I saw on youtube an unfortunate altercation with a foreign tourist with a Thai national. The foreign national was arrested for fighting back. He was hospitalized because he received many blows from bystanders that decided to jump in to help with the beating. After all, it was a foreign national.

    Thailand law enforcement will always reside with Thai nationals.

    And now I have doubts about visiting Thailand because it's not safe to visit.


    Also me and my phlipino fiancé want to travel to Thailand 🇹🇭 because we can’t meet in Thailand phlipines we was living together since 2019 I left back to the us now I can’t re because there assshole dictator


    Thai prime minister is good unlike the phlipino president the philipino president has the phlipines screwed up he’s not a president he’s a dictator and an ssshole

  10. Dean Showman

    Thais should not EVER have astra zenaca due to MASSIVE COLLESTEROL TRYGLUCERIDES. RE BLOOD CLOTS and do not give vqccines to any more babys my god.,

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