Out With Thai Girlfriend In Chanthaburi Thailand

If you’re looking for a truly unique and local Thailand experience and want to try places other than Bangkok or Pattaya, consider Chanthaburi. Located south of Pattaya, Laem sing has so much going for it, from the beach and the food, to the mountains and laid-back vibes, Chanthaburi has a little bit of everything for every traveler.

Hotel: บ้านรับลมชมตะวัน

Price – We paid 1300 TBH or $40 USD per night. We had a great stay and would recommend it!

Restaurant: ร้านอาหารนิวทิวสน แหลมสิงห์
039 499 372

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32 Replies to “Out With Thai Girlfriend In Chanthaburi Thailand”

  1. Paul

    She has a nice pair of Charlie’s for a Thai girl, most are small chested, you got the money you get the honey, love how easy it works out there, girlfriend on a daily basis or long term whatever you wish LOS always provides. Can’t wait to get back, personally I have a three day rule but many like you prefer long term. She’s happy your happy it’s win win.

  2. Arctic Man

    Don't pay attention to bad comments. bad to say I bet it's from neighboring Thailand in the southeast. But I won't specify country specific. Thailand is often jealous because of the tourism competition that cannot compete with Thailand They tend to undermine the impression that travelers make good reviews. of tourism in Thailand instead of making their own country popular.

  3. nick mr

    She'll love you long time for that Australian citizenship… Look at the head on that guy 😂 In Australia he would struggle to get layed in a Brothel


    she is lovely and charming …… dress a little more modestly …. ya got it all Girl ….. you don't need that OTT mini clothing .. your Great as u Are

  5. Mark Smith

    Hey guys. Thanks for the great tour of Chanthaburi and the experience. It was almost like I was there with you. I don't care what they say Adam, Sai is still the hottest and nicest girl on U-tube!! Best Mark Smith, Redding, CA

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