[4K] Thailand Travel – Walk around Ratchaprarop Soi 8, Pratunam in Bangkok

Hello, everyone ! I’m JWINTHAI. I walk from the Neon Market bus stop on Phetchaburi Road to Soi Ratchaprarop 8 which is on Ratchaprarop road and nearby Pratunam Area in Bangkok of Thailand. Neon Market is used to be a famous night market where is sell a lot of street foods, fashion clothing shops and shops. Neon Market is permanently closed. But the bus stop still use the name “Neon Market bus stop” and a lot of people are waiting bus there. I walk to the alley that lead to Soi Ratchaprarop 8. When I am walking, can see Baiyoke Tower II ahead is clearly. Soi Ratchaprarop 8 is near Ratchaprarop Station (Airport Rail Link). This alley is surrounding with a lot of street foods, restaurants, shophouses, massage shops and hostels. This area is nearby Pratunam area where is one of a famous area for foreign tourists and Thais about shopping place in Bangkok.
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More information of Ratchaprarop station, Phetchaburi road and Pratunam please click the link below :

▶Date recorded : September, 2021

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32 Replies to “[4K] Thailand Travel – Walk around Ratchaprarop Soi 8, Pratunam in Bangkok”

  1. Юлия Плахотина

    Вижу Байок скай и плачу от ностальгии. Бангкок – это любовь. Атмосфера несравнимая ни с чем. И такая недоступная последние 2 года. Спасибо за видеопрогулки

  2. Bizarre Thoughts

    this was the first place when i came to thailand 10 years ago first time. I was shocked how crowded it was good old days before thailand spoiled by mass tourism… location is amazing btw.

  3. Innocent Lascar

    I miss Thailand… got nostalgic seeing the road to sky baiyoke crossing the Indira regent… got lot of memories… Hope Covid subsides soon and take a vacation to my second home Thailand❤️. Thanks for sharing the video.. Khapunkhap🙏🏻

  4. Mark

    At 2:55 the stairs to the pedestrian crossing bridge have arrows on the steps that seem to suggest that people should walk on the right side going up. Since cars in Thailand drive on the left, why do they want people to walk on the right on that crossover?

  5. Walk Station 4K

    Love it ! I just started a similar channel exploring Thailand. Do you have any advice? I'm using a DJI pocket 2, I think the same as you. Good luck.👍🙏

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