Super Useful Expressions [ Part 1] | Speaking & Listening Thai language

I have been in this group for 2 years already and always see a Facebook user that keeps uploading the very useful lesson. He is Khun David Martin. 😄🙏🏻

I contacted him and asked if I can use his lesson and make the video for pronunciation 💬 and he is happy to share ขอบคุณมากๆค่ะ

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Super Useful Expressions, Part 1 (Intermediate level)

1) ถูกเผงเลย (tùuk pěng ləəi) — Spot on!; Exactly!; You hit the nail on the head!
-ถูกต้อง(เลย) (tùuk dtɔ̂ng; tùuk dtɔ̂ng ləəi) — has a similar meaning but is a bit less emphatic.
2) นั่นแหละ (nân-lɛ̀ ) — Exactly.; That’s it/right.; There you are then.; That’s… (or emphasizes the preceding part of the sentence).
3) (ก็)นั่นน่ะสิ (nân-nâ-sì; gɔ̂ɔ nân-nâ-sì) — Quite right!; Yes…; Exactly!; That’s just it!
4)จะไปแล้ว(jàbpailɛ́ɛo) —(I) gotta get going; I’m gonna go now.;I gotta run.
5) ไปไหน (bpai nǎi) — Where are you going?
6) พูดเล่น (pûut-lên) — Just joking!; I’m kidding.
7) อย่าพูดเล่น (yàa pûut-lên) — Don’t joke around.
😎 โอ้โฮ (ôo-hǒo) — Wow!; Oh!; Gee!; Holy Cow!; Whoa! (shows surprise in a kind of cute, comical way)
9)ตายแล้ว(dtaai-lɛ́ɛo) —Goodness!;Shoot!;Shit!Oh my!
10) ทุกอย่างจะดีขึ้นเอง (túk-yàang jà dii kʉ̂ n eeng) — Everything will be okay/
work out.; It will all work out.
11)อีกแล้วหรือ(ìiklɛ́ɛorʉ̌ʉ) —Again?!;It happened again?!;You did it again?!
12)ไม่ใช่ครั้งแรก(mâi-châikráng-rɛ̂ɛk) —This/That/It’s not the first time.
13) คุณว่าอะไรนะ (kun wâa àrai ná) — What did you say?
-คุณพูดว่าอะไรนะ (kun pûut wâa àrai ná) — is a bit longer and less casual way to say this.
14) ใครว่า… (krai wâa…) — Who says…?; Who said…?
15)โธ่เอ๋ย/โธ่เอ๊ย(tôo-əə̌i/tôo-əə́i) —Oh man!;Come on man!;Oh dear!;Shit!; (Oh), damn!, etc.
16) อะไรก็ได้ (à-rai gɔ̂ɔ dâi) — Anything’s fine.; Whatever you want.; whatever; anything
17) หุบปาก (hùp-bpàak) — Shut up!; Keep quiet!; Shush!; Zip it!
18)บอกแล้วไง(…)(bɔ̀ɔklɛ́ɛongai…) —I told you…;I told you so.
19) อย่ามายุ่ง(กับ…) (yàa maa yûng; yàa maa yûng gàp…) — Don’t mess with (me)!; Leave me alone!; Bug off!; Stay out of it!
20) พูดง่ายแต่ทำยาก (pûut ngâai dtɛ̀ ɛ tam yâak) — Easier said than done!; Easy to say but difficult to do.

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  1. ThomasSherrod

    Thank you kap. Good list. Recent expression(?) been noticing lately…" ka-pom/kappom…" means "chai" (?), correct, right, affirming something…?

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