1. Jamal Peoples

    Bars won't be open for a year. It's that they can't open. No one has the cash to reopen. That's what has been the problem. So even when it comes back it will not be close to the same. Plus the Thai government is pushing for a tourist that only want high prices places. Not understanding that ot will hurt locals. If I can spend 10k a week it won't be in Thailand.

  2. Al1965

    Morning Eddy, how’s the head 😂 🥴 sorry missed you live last night, was walking my goldfish. I am much more positive. So much so, I’ve booked flights for 22nd January 2022 and, assuming the 1-night quarantine crap is still in force, heading to Pattaya on 24th January! See you there dude and first 🍺 is on me pal.

  3. Steven Hodgson

    Hi Ed. You could try claiming twice in theory, but it would be fraud. If the two insurers know you have other cover they will haggle and it would become complicated. Best stick with one , but perhaps the Asda isn't the best.

  4. Philip Ford

    The only thing that keeps me going, especially as we head into another grim winter here in the UK, is that I have the money saved and ready to fund my travel back to SE Asia whenever it becomes feasible. Without that, I think I'd just collapse in despair. I miss the sunshine, the warmth, the people, the coastlines and landscapes of SE Asia. Thanks for the video, Eddie. Hope burns eternal.

  5. Paul Hoey

    I can just see you being the toyboy of the cruise playing all the old girls off against each other,you would be the catch of the day a 60 year old ale swilling pork pie munching scoucer who loves a Dirty Dozen,you stick on dry ground mate with Big Bangkok Betty.Cheers

  6. Tucson John

    Hi Eddie. I missed another live chat but at least I got to enjoy the legendary squeaky door and pork pies on replay. I’m still hoping I will get to Cuba this month. But it’s not a sure thing it will happen. My Plan B will be another Mexico road trip. Always good to have a Plan B. Cheers mate!

  7. Gary Wooding

    Eddie the scammers are the WHO by saying there was a virus in the first place …these people who contacted you were trying to make thousands the people who started this bullshit made trillions..fact

  8. Wayne Vosper

    Great stream Eddie 👍. I'm flying to Munich with my daughter in early December mate. Christmas markets for her and a stein or 10 for me🍺. Philippines for me won't happen in January, so plan B is Portugal. Realistically June for Philippines 🇵🇭. Cheers Eddie. 👍


    Haven't been to Patong, Phuket for several years but there was a beauty salon at the end of Bangla Road (not the beach end) that had a large outside area with a bar which sold the cheapest beers you'd find in Bangla Road. It was there all the years I used to go to Patong but don't know if it's still there & could well be another casualty of the pandemic. No bar girls but a good stop off for a few cheap beers.

  10. Darren Drew

    Hi edd im starting 3 weeks holiday in normal times i would be flying to thailand today i know we can go but could not be bothered with jumping througth the hoops but hope it all goes well with the first few tourists arriving and maybe it will become more straightforward next year will wait and see have a great weekend edd

  11. William Donald Moody

    Hi Eddy
    1 week into knee replacement recovery I'm fucken over it I don't miss the inconvenience, hoping on a plane back to the land of" Gheeky Grins "is what's driving shit atm living on morphine, and other mind numbing meds is the norm, another month I will have a beer, I stopped booze on the 3rd April to help the liver cope with this time Have Fun 😆👍 Bro

  12. Tintin

    The red tape is way to much for the average punter, not to mention the variables with this Thai pass, flights, tests, etc just no way its going to happen unless your desperate! No bars open, curfews, the government changing rules every 5min, not life no vibe= no thanks,, you'll also need proof of your 22nd jab, whole things stinks. Other than that can't wait to get back hahaha..

  13. Soi Buakhao

    I admire your willingness to get back to Thailand Eddie, and i think all of us here hope it goes well for you. After all, we get to enjoy the experience as well through your uploads plus hopefully a live stream or two from Beach Road one sunny afternoon….. But i for one will not attempt to travel yet, still way to much chaos which can change even while you're in the air! And travelling with a face nappy on is not my idea of a fun holiday. Don't forget you will be flying, plus time spent in an airport, for around 20 hours, all with the face nappy on! Rather you than me…… I really would hang back from booking anything for another month or two to see how it pans out…… The country may be open but everything we want to go for is still closed! Pattaya is still a red zone area at the moment which means restrictions galore…..

  14. Soi Buakhao

    With regard your credit card, when you make a purchase on something that can be renewed, tell them you don't want auto renewal, that should stop it happening. And ask them to confirm on the recorded phone call that you don't want them to save your card details either…….

  15. nick ross

    there are just too many youtubers doing the same old stuff – its gets boring… Asia is over Eddie…. unless you go to the harder to get to places – there are over 13,000 islands in Indonesia…. some of the best pussy in the world but its not for the Pattaya / Patpong/ Nana Plaza – types…..

  16. Romario

    I am looking at Songkran and a week either side for my Thai return Eddie. Hopefully by then, the first night ASQ will be gone and the nightlife will be something closer to pre-2020. Until then, forget it!!

  17. Graham Johnson

    Edward about your insurance problem, what should have happened is that they should send you an email or letter telling you that your insurance is due for renewal and how much it will cost. then they should put, if you are happy with this you have no need to do anything just make sure you have sufficient funds in your bank so they can take the cost automatically. If you don't wish to renew then to let them know before the due date.

  18. Serg R

    Hi Eddy. Got form the airport last night, missed my flight to Turkey because I didn't have a covid test. Thought I didn’t need it for Turkey but like I’m doing a transfer in Moscow was asked for it at the last moment. FYI have the covid test when travel anywhere things change every day.

  19. Graham Johnson

    Emirates are giving you free insurance that covers covid 19 for every flight you book provided the booking ref begins 176 which nearly all do, so is any insurance company giving a free return flight with their policy you buy. If you only fly to places served by Emirates then you don't need to buy Travel Insurance and they are not expensive compared with other airlines.

  20. Know BS

    The only reservation I have, is the other end apparently they are just demanding random people go to hospital,no explanation no doubt there's a little racket or two going on

  21. Isaan Man

    You can get beer in Thailand in big 640 ml bottles but the tourist bars in tourists towns only like to sell the small ones because they make more on them. Up in Udon Thani & the rest of Isaan in the farang bars it was around 60 for small bottles & 90 for big bottles which in Euros is around €1.50 & €2.50. Thailand is now at 78 Million doses & the projected date for reaching 100 Million & 70% is 3rd December which is 4 weeks away. I think you be just fine to come in Jan & start your tour visiting places on your itinerary in the Blue Zones & Thailand will open up more & more the 3 months your here.

  22. Brian Hudson

    If you have 2 insurance policies covering the same trip and you need to claim both insurance companies will pay 50% of the claim remember Eddie you can never make a profit from a lose you can only be compensated for your loss

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