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37 Replies to “EPIC 200K RIDE IN THAILAND”


    lol I remember going on a long bike ride with friends real early and we rode to 7-11 also. It's like thee place to go for cyclists! We only road about 20 miles but I felt great afterwards.

  2. mylungpuppy

    OK….I have to give it up for you here that was totally epic no doubt about it. I was pretty proud of myself this week I did 130 miles with 7500 ft of climbing on Monday This was my longest ride to date, not bad at 57, but this ride of yours just kills it! Riding on all those muddy roads, you guys are crazy. lol.

  3. Reinventing My Life

    That was so funny….busted out laughing the man in the air. Keep it +++ DR. Man that chicken has lost its feathers….eek. Lets see the farms

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