Thailand Travel – The Rainy Season Gets Revenge

In this episode we arrive to Ubon Ratchathani on our Isaan Thailand Tour and check into a very nice hotel. We go out in the evening to take a look around the town but get side-tracked at the river watching a host of water sports taking place there. It’s Here the Rainy Season Gets it’s Revenge on us as we experience an unexpected rain squall which leaves us soaking wet from head to toe but it soon clears up and we get a spectacular view of some local water sports in the beautiful evening sunset. Enjoy the Ride!

Park – 15.375228, 104.587282
Hotel – 15.232294, 104.855569
River Front – 15.221681, 104.859633

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27 Replies to “Thailand Travel – The Rainy Season Gets Revenge”

  1. Moist Maniac

    Hey thank you so much for the great videos I do have one question for you. Have you ever had issues travelling around by motorbike with the police and bribes

  2. Alex SuperNerd

    I guess this is an Isan capital cities trip, if you really want to see something of Isan, you probably need to spend at least a week each in any of the provinces.
    Check out the national parks, historical sites, waterfalls etc.

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