$0.40 How far can you go in Thailand? Travel trough Thailand During COVID| 4k Video

We are taking a comfortable 3rd class train up north. We travel slow so, we only go a few stops further to our next destination: Lob Buri.

If you like to come to Ayutthaya yourself I would recommend staying here: Don’t expect any luxury but a very warm family that will help as much as they can

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😷| Wanna know more about the status and what the numbers of corona cases are? This is a website that’s pretty up to date: or

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8 Replies to “$0.40 How far can you go in Thailand? Travel trough Thailand During COVID| 4k Video”

  1. นิก ลองผิดลองถูก

    Chai You make this content the best.Your people will like to travel to Thailand in your own way, where you can advise them on how to travel better than Asians.

  2. T Man

    WOW…that must be the best ever 13baht value in Thailand.
    Very friendly people & for a few seconds I thought you had your new guide at the station.
    Looking forward to what's next. Stay safe champ & enjoy every minute.

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