EVERY bite I Ate In Thailand Vlog

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46 Replies to “EVERY bite I Ate In Thailand Vlog”

  1. Good Authentic

    Maybe wearing shoes when running is like wearing a bra? Women wear bras , especially sports bras, to prevent sagging, and maybe one should wear shoes to prevent the feet from growing?

  2. SMALL totha PAUL

    If possible can someone please tell me the name of the video where durianrider explains why he chose veganism. 
    I have just recently found his videos and I really cannot be fucked watching 1,523 videos to find one answer haha.

  3. E J

    I was told that long steps are better because that's what the Kenyans do, lots of flight time and whenever you see the marathon winners, they all move vertically a lot. you can only get your cadence so high and then you're limited by the length of your stride- just my opinion, gliding obviously works for you but I think perhaps really tall people need longer strides and more flight time-I prefer this myself.

  4. Andréas Remis

    You say you guys do pretty much the same stuff, wondering what you guys do routinely for flexibility and mobility of the joints. If you guys are interested in this topic as well, thumbs up so DurianRider can see! 

  5. Good Day

    hi guys i request some help/advice here, i'm doing a 3 day bikeathon for college to raise money for cancer research, it's tuesday night and i start on friday morning, what foods should i eat wednesday and thursday to prepare my body for the cycling and what should i eat friday saturday and sunday whilst i'm actually doing the cycling? thanks a lot

  6. Mary Leo

    Unfortunately I don't know ANYBODY who's vegetarian, let alone High carb vegan. So I'm pretty much on my own here. Some people I know think what I'm doing is cool, but they would never try it. Good thing there is a great youtube community to keep me motivated!!

  7. Kerrdo 67

    really well done on praising the runner at the back. people forget that us fatties trying to loose weight that it is a lot harder to move our bodies. again well done.

  8. thefol65

    Thanks for all the support. Things are falling into place. 30lbs. lost since April 1. Carb n up with the Banana Lady and the Durian Man!!! Keep up the great vids Thanxxx.

  9. Lord Indoril ArmAvidDays Grizzwald The Vegoid

    A friend once said to me that his coach told him during training "Pain is only weakness leaving the body'' those words have stuck ever since.

  10. Kelly Mahoney

    " you only need 6 to 10 minute sessions." "Make your social group your fitness group. You don't have time for it". Seems to me if you promote less than a quarter of an hour per day for fitness then you should have gobs of social time that doesn't include fitness.

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