Budget-friendly Trip to Thailand VLOG 74

You can watch the whole video and know the places and prices for each! My boyfriend, cousins, and I travelled to Thailand. We really want to save money so we ride the bus.. ride the shuttle boat for free.. eat package deal food in a restaurant.. ask for discount and all.. Enjoy watching the whole video!
There will be a part two after this! Thank you.



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28 Replies to “Budget-friendly Trip to Thailand VLOG 74”

  1. Terry Ajayi

    I wonder if you will see this. But can I please ask how much show money they will asking for a single person visiting Thailand from the Philippines for 10 days. I mean at the immigration here before departure? Is it like 10k baht or 20k baht? Also is the show money to be in pesos, dollars or baht?

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