Driving in Thailand My Top Tips to Stay Safe Bangkok

I love Thailand, but like most people I hate Bangkok traffic.

Driving in a country that is ranked the 2nd worst in the World in terms of road fatalities has its own unique challenges. I’m not suggesting that Rafferty’s rules apply, but many people just drive by what feels natural to them.

You may have already experienced Bangkok traffic from the back seat of a Taxi or Tuk Tuk, either remaining blissfully unaware of what’s going on around you or thinking that the speeding and near misses were all just a whole lot of fun. But it’s a completely different feeling when you’re actually sitting behind the wheel of a car in Bangkok.

I hear many expats claiming that driving in Thai is easy, but they fail to mention that they live upcountry and that they have never been in control of a vehicle in Bangkok.

Please join with me as I share my top ten tips for surviving a journey on the streets and highways of Bangkok and Sumat Prakan.

All the footage was captured by my dash cam over the course of 5 days.

We hope that you enjoyed watching this video.

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Brad & Ta

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37 Replies to “Driving in Thailand My Top Tips to Stay Safe Bangkok”

  1. chris crookson

    Wow Brad! That was a really useful Video. I'm glad I'm up in Chiang Rai where the roads are much quieter. I'm still alert at all times on my bike as I've been a biker most of my life and have so far survived! It amazes me when you see young Falang hiring scooters with little or no experience and flying about as though nothing could possibly go wrong. Ive been a bus driver and a truck driver for many years but driving in Thailand can be extremely dangerous.Great video and I think it should be compulsory viewing for all visitors!

  2. Lino Martinez

    Man, watching this video made me really angry lol and sad. Thailand has been on of the countries I wanted to visit since I remember, now I'm planing a vacation in two years and Thailand is number one on my list, but I need to rent a car in order to enjoy my time there at my on speed, but watching this people drive just….just not worth it. Sad .

  3. John Due


    During 1995 to 2000 I worked in the electronic business in Thailand many times, – usually three weeks at the time.
    At one visit in March 1997 I was transported by a company car between two factories, -from Bangkok going north.
    At an entrance to a temple, a concrete mixer truck turned left, the driver did not look in his mirrors.
    The result was that he moved down a motorbike driver with the rear double axle, double wheels and crushed the unfortunate motorbike driver to pulp.
    Nobody stopped.
    The sound and the view still stands clear in my memory.

    Regards from Denmark
    I still love Thailand and Thai people

  4. Golden Ages

    Another thing to be aware of, if you are in an accident in Thailand and it's your fault and you cause injury to someone, you may be mobbed and beaten as punishment. I have heard of this happening on more than a few occassions. I have a couple rules when in Thai. I don't drive, and I don't get on any 2 wheelers of any kind. If I move to Thai I will have to drive, but not in bkk. I don't know how you do it Brad!

  5. Dmitriy Shatalov

    I'm going there in less than a month and I will be driving around Thailand for about 9 days, 3 of them in Bangkok. I'm really scared after watching this Video. Is it that bad only in Bangkok or the rest of Thailand as well? I'm going all the way down to Nakhon Si Thammarat.

  6. Phyllis 4466

    Install front and rear cameras on your vehicles….cars or bikes. Insurance companies can't argue with a video that clearly shows what happens. Interesting video! I can see why people move away from dealing with Bangkok.

  7. Canuk Travels

    Im a newly retired Canadian and this video should be mandatory for xpats to view before hitting the roads there, or they may be literally hitting the road. I learned allot by watching this and since we drive on the other side of the road here my obstacle to over come that plus the driving habits of the locals is too much to fathom, So I'm thinking that if I do do come over there its public transportation first and if i stay longer then maybe i might consider driving but never in Bangkok LOL WOW You did a great job with this video. ok i need a rest now after seeing this hahaha

  8. Abdulghani Abdo

    The law is not strict to traffic law violators, this is the only reason why Thai driving is very dangerous. It is very easy for the Thai government to change that, for example start by creating large traffic courts for violators of the law, confiscate cars and impose large fines for serious offences if people can't pay confiscate the vehicle, people will learn to fear and respect the law, it is as simple as that. I am not sure why the Thai government is not taking actions to protect the life of their citizens.

  9. formworksucks

    The only thing I didn't like was that they never stay within a lane. I do like their freedom, I mean there's no law that says you can't wear a helmet or drive sensibly, so if you want to be a reckless driver/rider it's on you. My favourite is people riding in the back of utes, I wish that was allowed here in AU. Freedom, you can't beat it.

  10. crispernator

    Gday mate yep thai drivers are crazy we caught a taxi to don muang to fly to nong kai we nearly didn't make it he nearly ran us into the back of a bus at high speed ,of course being me i went off his answer was try get you to airport for plane , i had one taxi driver that could drive me anywhere he was an excellent driver not once did i feel afraid and he was driving in night traffic he was a good driver .Another time i was walking to the girls work along the footpath to pick her up and i here a noise behind me and i have a scooter up my a** WTF on the footpath i learnt real quick that when crossing an entry or exit of a petrol station look both ways or you are liable to get squished really you need a swivel head so you have 360 degreee vision anyway good vlog take care .

  11. Penny and JT

    Excellent video. Thai bad habit comes out when they are driving. Unfortunately the traffic law is way behind compare to the western world and they don’t care about life when they behind the wheels. You shared excellent points. We are still debating to get a car or not….

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