How to: 4G SIM Cards in Thailand – Chiang Mai / Bangkok Tips & Tricks Travel Guide – What to Know


*update June 12, 2018 – the dial # Changed to *501*3751* to order the 175baht for 5Gb 10 day package.

Or just dial *501*3# and choose the amount of GB you want, then days that you want, then #1 to confirm.

Video Cliff Notes:

– Get the AIS SIM card at the airport in Chiang Mai or Bangkok when you arrive.
– Get a small cheap data package, or just the Traveler SIM, depending on what that kiosk has.
– When that package expires, to get more data, top up at the orange machines, outside most 7-11’s
– Enter your Thai phone #, find it in Phone Settings
– Top up 200 baht
– Dial *501*3751# to activate the the 5GB of 4G for 10 days package for 175 baht (to choose a smaller package just dial *501#)
– I repeat this every 10 days or when my data is up

*Update Jan 2019 – dial *700*972# to change language to English! 😃
** Another plan I’m using – 30-day Unlimited data @6mbps which is fine for everything *777*7211# – been working good.

Tip: On AIS you can dial *545# to find your phone number

to get AIS Super Wifi access
– top up 100 baht
– Dial *388*2211# to activate 1 month access (99 baht)
– it will text you your username and password.
– * this will auto-renew each month and deduct 99 from your balance

*Update Summer 2018* Top Up Tip!
U dont have to go to the orange machines if you dont want! do it online! Easy to topup online at (I used it, legit, only 5% extra fee)

If you need to unlock your phone
– Some phone shops can do it, like the one at the basement floor of Kad Suan Kaew mall in Chiang Mai

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30 Replies to “How to: 4G SIM Cards in Thailand – Chiang Mai / Bangkok Tips & Tricks Travel Guide – What to Know”

  1. Graham Johnson

    As I only stay for 29 days or less I always get the 600 baht one month card at the airport as soon as I exit the arrivals hall. This gives enough data for the time I am there and always have data left because of using free WiFi wherever I go. Being as I use Whattsapp and Messenger for international calling I don't usually use the phone time except to call my hotel or taxi. This will suite most peoples needs I am sure. I use AIS but others provide similar cards but the structures are not as good because AIS shares with other companies. If you stay longer just go into 7/11 and make a top up on same card.

  2. Vianca Vega

    If I buy a SIM card in Thailand will it also work in Vietnam and Indonesia? I will be in Bangkok for a few days and then heading over to Vietnam, down south then back to Thailand 3-4 weeks after. T-Mobile offers me free text and data (2gb/slow) for free and for $25 a month I can get 4G and calls at $.20 per minute. Any information will really help.


  3. Apple El

    Thank you so much for this video. I am in Thailand just now and just bought 5gb for 10 days. If you cannot find any of the top up machine you can go to family mart (in krabi) 7 11 cashier was not very helpful. Family mart I recommend

  4. Charles Moore

    Everything about living in Thailand. On youtube there is a tremendous amount of great info, your channel included, but 99% is geared toward young digital nomads. I am 55, hoping to retire there wventually, and constantly searching for things that apply to older retired expats for my wife and I. There must be a lot of us looking for information that applies more to us. Just a thought. Thanks for your informative videos.

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