44 Thai Consonants by Private Thai Language

There are 44 consonants in Thai divided into 3 groups they are called mid class consonants, high class consonants and low class consonants.

Here are the easy ways to remember all of the groups.
1 You must remember a group of 9 mid class consonants.
2 You must remember a group of 11 high class consonants (this group start with rising tone). Please learn more about tones.
3 The rest of all will be a group of 24 low class consonants.

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20 Replies to “44 Thai Consonants by Private Thai Language”

  1. Ishita Sen

    I have a doubt. I've noticed that there is no separate alphabet for the sound 'sh' in shop or shame or shy or shall. If we want to write… which alphabet should we use? Like I was told that if I want to write my name in Thai, It is อีชีตะ
    อี = eee
    ชิ = shi
    ตะ = ta
    So… This caused confusion in my mind about 'ช' Is that 'sh' …?

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