Spiciest THAI FOOD – Extreme Hot Curry + BEER SNOW in Bangkok, Thailand!

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PANYA SEAFOOD BEER HIMA (ปัญญาซีฟู้ด เบียร์หิมะ – When it comes to Southern Thai food, seafood, and spicy Thai food in Bangkok, Panya Seafood Beer Hima (ปัญญาซีฟู้ด เบียร์หิมะ) is as good as it gets. It’s one of my favorite restaurants in Bangkok, and one you shouldn’t miss if you love Thai food, especially spicy Thai curry.

Here are the main Southern Thai food dishes we ordered:

Lek krut leaves (ใบเล็บครุฑ)
Salted fried fish (ปลากุเลาเค็มทอด)
Sour curry, coconut shoots (แกงส้มยอดมะพร้าว)
Fish entrails curry (แกงไตปลา)
Fried shrimp, lek krut leaves (กุ้งทอดใบเล็บครุฑ)
Beef ribs chili curry (แกงพริกซี่โครงเนื้อ)
Mantis shrimp (กั้งทอดกระเทียม)
Fried sillago turmeric (ปลาเห็ดโคนทอดขมิ้น)
Shrimp, stink beans (กุ้งผัดสะตอ)
Coconut shell curry (แกงกะลามะพร้าวไก่)
Shrimp chili dip (น้ำพริกกุ้งเสียบ)

Beer Snow (เบียร์หิมะ) – Finally there’s Beer Hima (เบียร์หิมะ) which translates directly to Beer Snow in Thai, because it really is snowy beer. They have figured out the exact temperature to freeze their beer so it pours out of the bottle easily but immediately turns to a beer slush. Then a natural ice cube forms in your cup. It’s the perfect drink to wash down some of the spiciest Thai curry in Bangkok!

Price – About 500 THB ($16.24) per person



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  4. d00bie

    i love how you think this is your favourite resturant in the world XD You have a few of those in Thailand, Bangkok, and i want to make sure to try out some of these amazing resturants!

  5. Beth Turner

    Hi Mark, watching from Canada. Love you, love your family and love your vision of life.

    What must be addressed, however, is the use of Aluminum cookware. It poisons the food, which poisons your brain.

    Please educate yourself on this issue.

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