How to speak Thai – Greetings

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thailand language

33 Replies to “How to speak Thai – Greetings”

  1. Nur Pikri

    hallo my name Pikri of Indonesia, I have the duty to host that uses language thailand. but I can not speak thailand, because the task mengaharuskan me to use
    a foreign language and I chose it because I liked the language thailand
    serial teen drama series from thailand

    The following is a conversation I need to read in a language thailand

    1. goodnight welcome pageant princess thailand 2016

    2. with me Pikri as emcee tonight

    3. The election of thailand princess followed by the women beautiful women from various regions in thailand

    4. The election of 2016 thailand daughter not only to look for
    beautiful women only alone but find an ambassador for the nation
    thailand thailand to introduce culture to foreign countries

    5. I just let the 10 finalists common thailand daughter in 2016 but after the special performance of Charile Puth

    I really need from this web translator or anyone who read the message
    on youtube ni and I hope that the text can be in terjemakan with
    alphabet Hurum not moved at thailand original letter, in order to
    facilitate me in reading the text

    thank you

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