🐘THAILAND – 17 Great Tips!🐒(Plus: We eat some crickets. :O)🦗🦗

We are currently in Cambodia. Our intention is to be in the live chatroom while you are ridiculing us for eating crickets. If we ARE NOT in the chatroom during the Premiere, will someone please alert the authorities and/or call Kristy’s parents? Thanks… 😉



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thailand tips

43 Replies to “🐘THAILAND – 17 Great Tips!🐒(Plus: We eat some crickets. :O)🦗🦗”

  1. machfive916

    What a great video. The Long Long Honeymoon is wherever you guys decide to go. I love your Airstream videos, but these international destinations are truly fascinating. I have very good friends from Thailand but have not visited yet. The good thing is that we will already have a condo near Chang Mai in which to stay.

  2. Powerstroke98

    I love watching the travel portions of Youtube video's, but I'm one to feel much safer to stay within North America personally, and my goals are too see as much of it as possible now that I'm retired. I don't necessarily care for 'crowds'…and there are SO many locations packed to the gills with people these days, where one can end up getting the flu, a cold or something worse…so I'll stick to missing these fine locations, and watch from the sidelines, that being my experience. I've done the five star resort trips to Mexico several times, and I'm not one to lay around on a beach (prefer to photograph them) now that I'm older, so I've had my fill of that as well, and as mentioned, would love to see more of North America and it's wonderful people. I do love the social aspect of RVing and it's lifestyle, but good for you if you don't mind the cost of long distance travel and it's positives/negatives!! Enjoy whatever it is that makes life worth living for you all folks!

  3. leadfootow

    What a surprise! You guys visited my country👍 I am going to visit my parents this June and it will be hot and humid. Best time to visit is November-December when the weather is much cooler. By the way thanks for all your tips on RV stuffs…it helps us a lot being the first timers😊

  4. Alexander

    Super Video Kristy and Sean, Kop Koon Mak Krup 😂 Look like you had a Fab time. ขอบคุณมากฉันสนุกกับมันมาก Next time you'll have to make it to Kanchanaburi and the Bridge over River Kwai not far from Bangkok.

  5. Cassandra Shelton

    So amazing! to find you video on Thailand. My daughter and son in law are leaving 3/25 for 13 days in Phuket and Bangcock. Because of your video I am way less worried about them going half a world away from Minnesota! Such great info THANKS!

  6. Alex Works

    Haha! We got took by a Tuktuk to boat tour in Bangkok 😆 to the floating market! Was a fun detour though. Have fun! Also a prepaid Visa card works great. Check out the white temple in Chiang Rai! Cooking class at asiascenic in Chiang Mai & Pataya elephant sanctuary. Also Phoenix adventure park(weekdays) and tiger kingdom tiger trail only! Cheers!

  7. Patricia Earling

    Please load more Thailand travel videos. I’m checking out airfares now and your info makes me that much more brave. Thank you. Should anyone ever ask you “what have you done for humanity” you tell them you helped a woman overcome her fear and realize a dream. Keep em coming.

  8. jhmup

    I was in Thailand in 1971-72 stationed in Udorn in the USAF. I loved it so much i extended my tour to two years. I visited Bangkok three times, and Chaing Mai once. I lived off base in Thai “Bungalos” and visited small country villages a lot. I learned the language enough to speak like a child and could negotiate in their language. Since my return in 1972 I have missed Thailand a lot!
    I loved your video – Kawp koon mak. Kap!
    BTW I have a daughter & grands living in Birmingham! Go there often

  9. JoMar Kelly

    I never was too good with change… so the foods, I think I will pass on! LOL. I do give you credit… but I think I will continue pulling my 5th Wheel through out the US…. a big change for me was changing from our 40' Cruiser on Lake Erie… too Travel Trailer…. LOL. Safe Travels to you both… John M. Kelly

  10. Alan Sabanosh

    Sa-wa-dee. I spent 5 months in Thailand in 1971 with the USAF. Loved it. People were wonderful. Got to visit Pataya, Bangkok, Chang Mei, several times. Got to know an older French woman who owned a restaurant in Pataya, Chez Suzanne. Nice lady, great French food.

  11. M M

    I have two things about your video
    1. I thank you very much that you pointed out about the elephant sanctuary and also informed us of tourist traps with animals and the negative way they treat the animals.
    2. It is not pronounced “tuk tuk”. It is pronounced “tdook tdook”. The T is pronounced with a little bit of D sound at the same time.

    My wife is thai and it made her giggle every time you said it.
    Love your videos!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Stephen Menke

    @Long long honeymoon – First thank you for all your videos as it gave my Wife and I more confidence in Airstream and moving to a more full-time basis in an RV as first-timers. We are traveling the west coast and hitting a lot of National Parks but are finding availability limitation when it comes to reservable campgrounds at Yellowstone, Tetons, and Glacier as a lot of parks were reserved months in advance and we are left with the "First Come First Serve" campgrounds. As seasoned veterans, do you have any advice as we are winging it and hoping we can get into the National Park's First Comer First Serve Campgrounds?

  13. Caroll Reece

    Wonderful! Beautiful! My husband and I follow your travels as we’re full-time RVers. Our daughter and family were just in Thailand in January for the second time. Your representation of the country is incredible! Thank you for sharing your travels!

  14. RV R-U-R & More

    While in the Air Force I did 3 tours in Southeast Asia flying over Vietnam based at U-Tapao RTAFB which is 90 miles south of Bangkok. We spent a lot of our down time enjoying the culture and people of Thailand. I'm not sure if I'm ready to return however you certainly make it look inviting. Thanks for sharing!!

  15. spacesaverbob

    Well, it took me some time to find the time to watch the entire video, and I'm glad I did. My wife and I have never had any desire to head off to Asia, and these little snippets are an enjoyable look at the life and culture that I'm sure we're missing. (Meh, lived in the Caribbean, lived in Europe, figured that would do). Thanks Kristie and Sean. It ain't easy videoing everything….all the time. As I've heard it said in Jamaica, "Respect, Mon."

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