BBC The Travel Show – Thailand Canals (Week 15)

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thailand travel

6 Replies to “BBC The Travel Show – Thailand Canals (Week 15)”

  1. Brenda Lambert

    Man. here I thought my home town was trashy. There are 8 billion people producing 5 lbs of trash per person per day on this planet (approximately.) Dealing with all that waste might just be a bigger problem than climate change or nuclear proliferation for the future of our planet.

  2. Kanokporn Parkorplabpon

    I have done the research in my high school. I had to take the water in this canals, omg it is so smelly, so I had to use a pair of rubber gloves. Then , I went to the laboratory room and did the water test. The result is there are many organisms in the water through microscope.

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