How to plan a Bangkok Pattaya Trip in Rs. 35,000 including Flights, Visa, Hostels, Parties & Food

Correction: Visa fee increased to THB 2000 per person per entry.

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Time I went: I visited Bangkok from 3rd to 10th March 2019

Full Detail Of Expenses Made: All Expenses in Indian Rupees.

Flight Tickets: 16000
Visa Fees: 4000
Pattaya Including All Expenses Rs. 5000
Bangkok Hostel: 5000
Bangkok Food: 2500
Pub Crawl:1000
Grand Palace Ticket: 1000
Wat Pho Temple: 400
Bus Stop To hostel Taxi: 500
Hostel – Nana – Hostel Taxi: 600
Boats Busses Metros 300
Sim Card: 500 rupay.
Entry to all clubs shown: Free
Total Rs. 35,000
Extra Spends On Medicine and Health: Rs. 5000

In this video I have shown my full first 7 days in Bangkok and Pattaya and how it could be managed in Rs. 35,000 with all the details any traveler would need.

The video covers A to Z expenses any average Indian traveler would make when visiting Thailand including flight tickets and visa fee.

This video has complete details about how I planned the 7 day trip to Bangkok and Pattaya and how ideally a budet trip to thailand to be planned. A lot of people think that it is too cheap to visit thailand and a lot think that it is expensive to visit Bangkok and Pattaya but in this video I have shown to visit Bangkok and Pattaya at a minimum possible expense while still enjoying the essence of these two thai cities on a budget trip.

This vlog video about Bangkok and Pattaya is composed in Hindi language for easy understnading of Indians travelling to Thailand.

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24 Replies to “How to plan a Bangkok Pattaya Trip in Rs. 35,000 including Flights, Visa, Hostels, Parties & Food”

  1. Traveling Desi

    Apologies for the visa fee guys. As I went thrice and all the time it was during new years and it was free.. So I just realised it was THB 2000 Not THB 1000 which makes it INR 4200 per person. Not 2000. The fees has been increased a short while back so please plan the budget accordingly.

  2. Daisy Gogoi

    Hi Mohit i really like your Vlogs. Specifically the Thailand series. Inspired me alot to explore the place. So i am going to Thailand too. But my itenerary is Bangkok-Phuket-Phi phi- Krabi-Bangkok-Guwahati

  3. suraj kumar

    Your thailand nd Cambodia trip videos are really awesome. I am also planning the same trip so the videos are very helpful. One more thing, you didn't upload the videos for phuket after Cambodia. Could you please help me with the same bcs I also want to go to phuket.

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