Trip to Thailand (full movie)

This is the movie that started everything. My first trip to Asia, with my good friends, was the beginning of our yearly habit of traveling to different parts of Asia each August, for following 3 years. This film from Thailand was the first “big” one i made, and stirred the idea of film/travel blog in my mind. This is the beginning of 😀

The movie certainly feels and looks old, but for me it keeps some kind of charm. Nostalgia is the word, maybe. Enjoy!

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8 Replies to “Trip to Thailand (full movie)”

  1. Jan

    Really great movie, i like your sense for video cutting and used music. I wish i had friends like this, because i have only one who traveling with me. Also, greetings from Czech Republic.

  2. Ryan Wilson

    Love it Mosak! Looks like you had a blast! I'm glad you were able to document your travels through Thailand, I was lucky enough to do the same this summer while in Europe! I know all the hard work you must have put into filming & editing this. Where are you off to next!?

  3. Georg K

    Great movie! I watched it for the 3rd time now. Ogor has to be one of the funniest guys in your group. Love the story you tell and the good vibes…and of course the nude scene at the end. 😀
    It has been years till I saw your film for the first time. Do you guys still travel together? Cheers!

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