Thailand Travel Blog: Tiger Kingdom and Waterfalls

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We started Gott Love on our wedding day, November 22, 2014. We moved to Okinawa, Japan for a year and a half together, explored as much as possible, vacationed Asia, and then we moved to Las Vegas, Nevada! We love to explore and have big dreams to travel the world full time. Kyle finished a 6-year enlistment in the Air Force in October 2018 and we dove into becoming full-time travelers. We are travel nomads now exploring the world. We love seeing new things and meeting new people and we hope you enjoy our YouTube channel as much as we do! Join the journey of us doing long-term travel and full-time travel and we work and travel the world! Thank you for watching!

32 Replies to “Thailand Travel Blog: Tiger Kingdom and Waterfalls”

  1. rayas rahim

    Is there any requirements to rent a scooter there ? When I go I want to know if I need more than just a drivers license to ride a scooter. Also how did you go about getting your foreign currency, did you use a travelers check and cash them ? Or did you exchange before you left to travel ?

  2. Arnold Agrees

    "do you think these dogs are drugged ? " what kind of stupid question is that ? hahahahaha i can admit that SOME thais drug their tigers but come on dont assume ALL animals are drugged in Asia hahahha.

  3. CatLover 9000

    This is animal abuse, they drug them fyi. Also after they get used for cub petting and after the adults are used, they get killed for the ivory trade. Thailand is know for these things and infact are also known for having tiger slaughterhouses and places where they drown them to sell their body parts.

    Im not hating, just facts. You can research this.

  4. Steven Eastridge

    you guys are freaking awesome, i love all your videos. my wife and i are planning a trip to Thailand next year so i seriously made my wife binge watch your videos for like 3 hours last night. we love how corky and goofy you are, perfect traveling couple. hope to run into you guys on an adventure one day.

  5. Sunalie Chaiyo

    omg i want those his blue pants. i notice now that the shopping stores like forever 21 is selling shorts and skirts the same pattern. but the one he is wearing is such a pretty blue!! when i come to thailand I’m going to buy like 20 pairs of those. nice video!!!!

  6. thereaderbug

    I saw people make elephant poop paper on Amazing Race one season. It was cool that you guys got to do it too! The waterfalls look amazing! It's cool that you met people to go along with you. I wish I could be outgoing like that!

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