THAILAND TRAVEL: Buying A Cheap Laptop In Chiang Mai | £90

While travelling in Thailand I found an area in Chiang Mai called Santitham where I found a cheap laptop for less than one hundred Pounds! In this video I show you where to go and how much they cost. If you are looking for a cheap phone or laptop in Chiang Mai then this is the perfect place to find something at a good price. Thanks for watching!

UPDATE: (Jan 2017) I have had some issues with the laptop, such as running slow. I took it to a store and they told me it is better to use an older version of Windows on older model laptops or update the driver/ RAM from 2MB to 4MB. It is working well with windows 7. But I would recommend an inspection of the laptop or taking it to be checked by someone who knows before buying. For the price, of course you may have to do a few updates which could be an extra cost.




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16 Replies to “THAILAND TRAVEL: Buying A Cheap Laptop In Chiang Mai | £90”

  1. Tryna Gee

    Thanks for sharing. How much extra did you spend on updates or changing Windows. Is it fast enough for video chat ? Is their a camera? I teach online. Is 90 pounds like $90 U. S dollars? Any new updates 2018

  2. Dana Sutton

    Can you give some more info on the location. There are many streets with that name with different numbers. Maybe another cross street and or an address. Or a know restaurant nearby. I know it is hard in Thailand. Thanks

  3. Doug M

    Great value for a laptop. Do they provide any sort of warranty say 3 months? Probably not. Hope it worked out well. I've stayed near that part of town many times. Lots of students there hence the demand for second hand laptops. You really need the right hardware to edit videos. It takes time and can be very frustrating when the screen freezes. I'm using Corel video editor 6 which I bought in Chiang Mai several years ago. I've also bought a new laptop there where they threw inn many extras you wouldn't get in the west. Good luck with your future endeavours.

  4. The Hunter Traveller

    Hey Guys! Thanks for checking out my video. Although I have a new camera and a new laptop, in this video I have used my Ipad Air 2 and my Acer Switch for filming and editing. So with some practice with my new video editor, I will make the transition as soon as possible. What do you think about this video? I enjoyed experimenting with and including more scenes with music, so I would really appreciate your feedback 🙂

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