Best Thai Food in Sydney, Australia

On this weeks episode we go on a mission to find the best Thai food Sydney has to offer!

Having just touched down in Sydney we get greeted by our cousins and we are off on a mission to find the top Thai food in Sydney.

Destination 1: Boon Cafe
Sydney starts off strong by offering us some delicious Thai dishes at Boon cafe as well as a huge assortment of amazing fresh produce. To this day I still have regret we didn’t try some of the Thai mango and sticky rice desserts but all the more reason to go back!

Address: 1/425 Pitt St, Haymarket NSW 2000, Australia
Opening Hours:
Monday – Sunday 8am–12am

Destination 2: Chat Thai
Multiple destinations around Sydney. Convenient and quick another decent place if you’re a lover of Thai flavours.

Address: 20 Campbell St, Haymarket NSW 2000, Australia
Opening Hours:
Monday – Sunday 10am–2am

Destination 3: Chonsiam
This place was a hidden gem. One of the more affordable places with classic boat noodles at the bargain price of $4. But that price cuts no corners when it comes to flavour. It turned out to be the best boat noodles I have had outside of Thailand!

Address: 38 Campbell St, Haymarket NSW 2000, Australia
Opening Hours:
Monday – Sunday 11am–1am

Destination 4: Thai Pothong
In one word INCREDIBLE an absolutely amazing restaurant. Service, atmosphere, delicious food you couldn’t ask for anything more. From the moment we stepped in we were treated with classic Thai hospitality and the food was unique and authentic. Would love to see a store in New Zealand too!

Address: 294 King St, Newtown NSW 2042, Australia
Opening Hours:
Sunday – Thursday 12–3pm, 6–10:30pm
Friday – Saturday 12–3pm, 6–11pm

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40 Replies to “Best Thai Food in Sydney, Australia”

  1. Leon and Tash

    Guys, you went to Australia for a food trip and started with Thai? No kangaroo burgers, emu steaks or crocodile curry? 😜😂 Just teasing, great vid guys and loving the notes scribbled on the table cloth., clever thinking 🤣Well done Yen on getting what was left on the leaf in your mouth, Peter makes it look so easy and then bang he's straight into the description, he's like a jedi master 😳

  2. Eugene Nguyen

    Dang, you guys made me miss Sydney so much. I lived in Sydney for 6 years and got hooked up with great Thai food over there. It's bloody hard to find a decent Thai restaurant here in Phoenix Arizona. 
    You guys should try Home Thai on Sussex Street next time, their stir fried crispy pork belly with Prik Khing sauce + Tom Sapp ( sour pork rib soup) + Tum Mua ( papaya salad with mắm nêm dressing ). 
    Great video, great content, thanks for bringing my sweet memories back.

  3. andrew bell

    Hey guys loved the video much. My partner, son and I jumped on a plane last weekend and went to all your recommendations. The $4 noodle place was amazing. We had a massive feed there and was $36 all up we! The boon Thai cafe was amazing with so much yummy food and snacks. Thanks for the videos. We can’t wait to fly back and have more of there food. What are you recommendations for Thai food in Auckland?


    One of our favorite parts about traveling to different countries is going to the local markets!! Hahaha garlic for lazy ppl. We love Vietnamese food and have been craving it for a while!! This definitely makes us crave it more lol

  5. Te ngu

    You guys need to visit Cabramatta as well 👍🏻 definitely enjoy Yen being on camera too you guys really complement each other and crack each other up which makes the viewing experience very natural and laid back. The occasional blooper s@$ bomb is hilarious 😂


    I like your beautiful hair, Yen 😀 Is that young coconut? I love young coconut so much, especially with orange juice.. Btw, Australians like spicy food or not? Because Asians really like spicy food.. 😀 Like meeeee, I love spicy food! ^^ Love pho thai noodles^^ Wkwkwkwwk..I don't like foods that are too salty..

  7. Gen Of Eve

    Ohh so good.
    I haven’t been to paddy’s market in years. It still looks the same. I ALWAYS buy peeled garlic I guess I’m lazy too 😂😂
    I’ve never tried boat noodles before. The papaya salad looked very refreshing. The last restaurant looked sooo yum!!

    Congrats on always making me hungry every time I watch your videos haha xx

  8. Michala Patolo

    Omg yay!!! I've been to 3 of the 4 places you guys went to and could not agree more with you both. Thai Pothong is hands down my fave Thai place in Syd. Another good place is Twelve Spices in Canley Heights. Eeeek another great vid, thanks guys!

  9. David Hann

    Thai town Sydney is first stop for any foodies who love food especially Thai. If you leave without visiting, you haven’t been to Sydney. 👍🏻 I subbed and hope to know more bout Auckland as we’ll be there in April 🙌

  10. Hangry By Nature

    The boat noodles reminds me so much of how good thai street food is! I must try Chonsiam next time I'm in Sydney! Also Thai Pothong, never heard of it before but from your description of the food it sounds like gold! Great Ep!

  11. Lin Nyunt

    Finally getting around to seeing your Sydney episode! I used to live in Sydney so it was great to see.

    I'm glad you guys went to a Chat Thai. For a franchise, they make really good Thai food.

    The sheer number of Thai restaurants in Newtown is mind boggling. And most of them are really good.

    What did you think of the Queen Victoria Building? I used to work near there and loved going there on my lunch breaks.

  12. Puri and Sue

    Woohoo Sydney videos!!! Thai food is one of our favourite cuisines! I would totally fall for the blue pretty coconut drink, just so pretty! Mark Wiens is such an incredible guy… he's such an inspiration for so many of us foodies!! Oh that leaf wrap… I remember Puri's mom made that once, and I'm totally in love with that dish! Lol Yen Panicking is so cute! Trying hard not to destroy the food presentation, and putting them back together, things we do behind the scene haha!! Great video guys! Cheers, Sue

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