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  1. Michael Palmer

    Hey farang ladys you want to look sexy and be safe just go to Pattaya . There you will blend in with all the thai sexy girls and lady boys and most proberly no one will even look at you? Go to a village in Issan like this then you asking for trouble? Do your homework before you go some where?

  2. Smitch2909

    I am a British woman living in Bangkok and most weeks I go out into the city, on my own, to take pictures. I carry a fairly expensive camera but am always wary about having money in multiple places on my body just in case my bag is snatched. I also always cover up (for mosquitoes and as a sun precaution not just for modesty), speak Thai when I need to speak and avoid unnecessary contact with strangers other than a smile and a nod. I would take similar precautions in any city in the world. Bad things can happen anywhere even if you are careful but I can say that I never feel uncomfortable even if coming across groups of youths on canalsides etc. The same situation in the UK would probably have me more on edge than here. Please don't let isolated cases in the media put you off coming to Thailand as a solo female traveler.


    no it not………..go somewhere nicer…..never been colonized the thas are so proud of that. is that really a good thing. here there is a real deep angry hidden behind a fake we are always right! smile. thai men are not real men. treating any visitor to your developing country (with small d) no matter what they did, should ever come to violence . and striking a old defenseless lady more than once then kicking her like an animal is so caveman. is his mother proud of him for doing that on camera??? she will be proud when he gets off free, like they always do..life is cheap in thailand…….. not a good country to visit live or work in because of the people are taught from an early age never to respect other human beings, other nationalities, ladies, their peers, older and wiser people, animals, the city, the beaches, any kind of nature if you cant eat it kill it, the waterways, the whole country is treated so bad by many many thai people and this continues to be taught these same thai values to the children…. hence the future of thailand will never change. until everyone wakes up and stands up. ………..wake up.

  4. fyrexianoff

    So, when a dutch 19 year old girl gets raped, it comes out as a big news. When all the "farangs" go to thailand and have sex with underage children in phuket, pattaya, bangkok, and etc… nothing is said or mentioned of these poor girls. I dont understand :/

  5. Eddy van Someren Brand

    This happens everywhere in the world,not only in Thailand.Also here in Europe ….
    the only problem I see is : corrupt policeman … ( in Indonesia ,the same !)
    and you say : we must NOT put ourselves in …. but how can tourist know where in Thailand are risky areas ????
    Regards from Holland,

  6. learn2speakthai

    Thailand is a safe country after all, a lot of places we go will have some risks involved more or less. We must not put ourselves in a risky situations and areas. I'm so sorry to hear about your partner and your car accident. Thailand will be a greatest retreat for you both.


    Very shocking but interesting topic which hit me hard. The Thai Police should not make an example of the rapist they should simply punish him for what he has done. Lock him up for life and throw the key away and keep women safe, because being raped takes part of one's soul away. What will happen now is other want to be rapists will think that the law is soft & won't be deterred from raping a woman. We will be spending 2 weeks of our 8 months stay at Ao Nang Cliff View Resort. Thanks for sharing


    >>> Being hit head on at 85 mph by a drunk driver put me in a lot of pain & nearly took my life. Thailand is needed for it's relaxing therapy of tranquillity (especially in the North) Massages & acupuncture which I will be using a lot. For my partner Thailand I believe is good for her because of the relaxing friendly Thai culture. Thai people have a completely different personality than western people, (better In My opinion) We are both very much looking forward to Thailand & Excited about it


    1st…Comment…This is really shocking & hits me hard and I have to keep this news away from my partner or else my visit to Krabi will have to be cancelled. The reason why this affects me so much, is because my partner has been raped several times from the age of 8 years old and then again at age 18. It has been a mental challenge being with her but am winning the battle healing her. This Thailand trip for 8 months is for our rehab. For me after suffering a horrific car crash in 2009 >>>

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