Five Years of Vacations in Pattaya-Men Need to Know-Travel Thailand with Experience-Tips and Tricks

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My friend, Richard has spent the past five years taking vacations in Pattaya. In this Thailand travel vlog, he speaks with five years of experience and wisdom, giving men what they need to know when traveling Thailand. He shares some of the best tips and tricks for having fun and relaxing on his vacations in Pattaya, Thailand.
Richard is a veteran traveler who has spent approximately 300 days traveling Thailand. Most of those days were spent on vacation or holiday in Pattaya. That is why he is able to offer so many helpful tips and tricks. He will explain to you why he chose Thailand for a vacation destination. He talks about the nightlife of Pattaya. He explains how he has made so many friends in Pattaya and other parts of Thailand over the years. Richard also gives a brief overview of some of his travel destinations in Thailand including Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and the Issan region of Thailand.
If you are a man or woman who wants to travel to Pattaya, Thailand, this is the 2019, travel vlog, interview for you to watch!
I really hope you enjoy these live streams and travel vlogs as much as I love making them. They are just another reason I love being an expat in Thailand. Whatever you do today, be sure to DoMoreLife!
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42 Replies to “Five Years of Vacations in Pattaya-Men Need to Know-Travel Thailand with Experience-Tips and Tricks”

  1. nelco69

    Richard, I agree with most of what you said, Like you, I would recommend anyone who is thinking about coming to Thailand to learn a little Thai and also, learn a little about the Thai culture. You said that you shouldn't eat street food because you will probably end up getting food poisoning. That is wrong, it is very unlikely that you will get sick from eating street food because they buy the food fresh every morning and it is kept in a cool box till someone asks for it. I have been coming to Thailand on holiday for the best part of thirty years and I have only gotten sick once, and that was from eating at a chain restaurant. They have big fridges where they can keep food longer. but street food is always fresh every day. also, I can't accept that anyone who robs money or goods from a safe will only take a small part of it Thai's are opportunists if they're able to get into your safe they will take everything. The only reason they would leave anything would be if they had to get out quick. If you have had your safe broken into more than once then I would say you have been very unlucky, It has never happened to me in all the years I have been coming to Thailand. Other than those two things I would agree with everything you said.


  2. Ken Cox

    When I visited Thailand in 1998, I stayed for 16 days and never paid more than $16 per night staying in Sukumvit in Bangkok, close to Beach Rd. in Pattaya and just off of a main street in Chiang Mai.  I had no serious problems/troubles anywhere.

  3. Pussy Pass Giver

    It's just a holiday where you can have fun with the money you have. You'd be making a mistake if you think you can drop everything and stay there for good with no real means of income… I've overheard farangs talking about how they cant spend more than 60 baht per day in order to make their budgets work. They all thought the party would last forever. It doesn't. I'm fine with spending two months out of the year in Thailand… But after 2 months its time to go back home and focus on my career. On a more positive note, can't wait to go back for the fifth time this summer!!!

  4. Philippine Cowboy

    Richard T -Wow fly halfway around the world to stay for only 3 days….lol Man I would be so depressed heading back from those kinds of trips, your right you need atleast a 7 to 10 day getaway to unwind….thanks for the tips brother!

  5. Dr Feelgood

    Smh. Lets cut the crap gentlemen. We all go to south east Asia for 2 reasons

    1) cost of living is cheap
    2) the women are better and cheaper to maintain them the women in western countries

    There you go, I said it. Lol

  6. Sea Salt

    Agree on most points, however I do not agree that people or let's say staff aren't impressed with money and materialistic things. It's more or less the opposite, however you will have a good time in Pattaya as long as you know the rules of the game.

  7. Paul WILLHITE

    I've not been to Thailand yet, but I have been to China, Taiwan, Philippines and Indonesia and eaten street food with virtually no instances of ill effect? Is the street food in Thailand that much more bacteria ridden than rural China or Philippines or will I be good?

  8. Dario Alexander

    I am glad you listened to your doctor and chose Thailand to ket go of the stress.

    I also said i would be back and it has been 3 years longer than i originally planned and i still have not gone back.

    I have the Thailand blues but i have a wife and daughter so i can't just leave lol.

  9. olafzijnbuis

    I never had any trouble eating street food in Thailand. During my extensive travel in Asia, I became sick in Burma. Just a few days. No need to see a doctor.
    What I noticed was that Americans tend to get sick much more often.
    Maybe because all your food is processed and you are too hygienic. Better eat some floormat dirt now and then.

  10. Neil Ramrattan

    An alternative to the safe is the Loctote Industrial. American made and tough. I'm currently using it in Thailand and have no need for safes since it can be latched on to anything that's stationary. Or I just latch on to my luggage.

  11. Olivier van kerckhove

    Dislike just because of the food comment, every country has different bacteria which our body is not used to. I have gotten more sick eating in western restaurants in Europe then ever in any ASIAN country, actually only twice and those where WESTERN restaurants.

  12. Paul Kendall

    Its a good idea to stay in five star hotels a few nights.
    Street food I have no problems.
    First three days ultra violet sunlight will reduce the immune system.. its normal.

    Safe dipping in Pattaya is huge.. good adivice..
    Take counter measures.

  13. Aaron Irby

    (3:45 mins into the video) That's weird. This guy got sick off the street food. All the guys I was out there with got food poisoning from the Hard Rock Hotel. I ate from the food carts all the time and never had a problem. Maybe the company I kept out there knew the good places.

  14. Shokugeki

    Nice video and I was making a comment about the street food but I just realized that a bunch of people already mentioned that. It sure is a controversial subject and I see that you are open to different perspectives about it, so no need for me to be just another asswipe who goes on a rant about it. Also, great tips about the Thai language. I also noticed that people will treat you differently if you just speak tiny bits of Thai language and you're also going to see that in the prices and service that they offer you.

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