7/11 THAILAND FOOD REVIEW: Stir fried pork and basil + 4 Cheese Ham Burger

7/11 Thailand food review: stir fried pork and basil + 4 Cheese Ham Burger
BUDGET Prices and BUYING TIPS + food reviews.
In these series about food reviews from the 7 eleven in Thailand, I will test different food choices such as burgers, hot-dogs, frozen meals, chips, candy, and common household stuff.
I explain how much it costs and I give some buying tips.
7-11 in Thailand are opened 7 days per week and 24 hours per day. They are very convenient when you need something at all times of the night and you can be sure the nearest 7-11 store is not to far away. I bought all my food in the 7 elevens of Pattaya

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22 Replies to “7/11 THAILAND FOOD REVIEW: Stir fried pork and basil + 4 Cheese Ham Burger”

  1. Makandat Jp

    I ate EZYGO's "Stir-Fried Pork and Basil with Rice" few days ago.

    It is not bad considering its price (45B).

    However I would never say it is delicious.

    I like your THAILAND FOOD REVIEW and I can't wait next review.

    Thank you.

  2. โปล์ ดั้มส์

    that is a good idea if you like to eat bread..never thought to do ,,, and I like to eat bread..jam here at least costs € 2.50 in belgium .. that's cheap in 7/11. '. .nutela I have paid for 800 gr € 4.80 yesterday in Carrefour..the toast look better in Belgium he Steff ,,, i eat my food always spicy..thx for eating the 7/11 food,,so we can look our vloggs,,,good info food vlogg Steff,so like always 👍🏻up from me.

  3. Raj Bose

    Steff hi it's great that you are doing a food review on 7/11 as you did last time and I told you that there ain't many 7/11 reviews, thanks for doing it and plz if possible do a vlog on 7/11 alcohol beers price and brands available.

  4. M Thibideau

    Lol, Steff! This vlog is funny. For the days when you just say "Ahhhhh f**k it!" and go for the easy way out. Some people on here need to loosen up.
    Thanks again for another entertaining vlog Steff and thank you 7-11 for providing some "occasional" guilty pleasure eating. They do sell water too guys^^
    Best of luck and "Ahead By A Century"
    Cheers bro~

  5. David Eddolls

    Hi Steff im certainly not going to lecture you about thai food I know you have done this for quickness we have all bought a snacks in 7/11, yes agree the burger was 4 types of processed cheese on it. Make sure on you're non vlog days to eat nice healthy thai veg and meat freshly cooked. Thanks Steff

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