53 My Thai Language School : adjectives in Thai-kroo Nun

Learn how to use adjective in Thai with kroo Nun
Ex:beautiful -ther suay, Thai is easy=paa-saa Thai ngaay

Contact and visit us at:

Address : 121/62 RS Tower 18th floor, Ratchadapisek Rd., Dindaeng, Bangkok 10400
Telephone : +66(0)2 642-3525, +66(0)2 642-3526
Fax : +66(0)2 642-3527
Open : Monday-Friday 10.00-21.00 Saturday 10.00-17.00
E-mail : info@mythailanguage.com mythailanguage@hotmail.com
Subway : Thailand Culture Center Station

10 Replies to “53 My Thai Language School : adjectives in Thai-kroo Nun”

  1. damned1313

    With great lessons like these passa Thai ngaai ngaai. You make some good points of grammer here. Keep them coming. My speaking is very good already. I need to be able to understand Thai people talking normal pace. Some times you speak backwards and by the time I figure out what they are saying they are done talking or moved on. Keep up the great work.

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