Bangkok Food Lunch Vlog – Thai Fish Curry and Fermented Fish Dip! ฉู่ฉี่ปลาทู หลนปลาร้า

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One of the reasons I love eating at home in Bangkok so much is because my mother-in-law cooks amazing Thai food!

Here are the dishes for lunch in the video:

Fermented fish coconut milk (หลนปลาร้า lon pla raa)
Mackerel curry (ฉู่ฉี่ปลาทู chuchee platoo)
Tofu and bean sprouts (ผัดถั่วงอกเต้าหู้ pad tuangok taohoo)
Pork ribs soup (ต้มซี่โครงหมู dom seekrong moo)

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24 Replies to “Bangkok Food Lunch Vlog – Thai Fish Curry and Fermented Fish Dip! ฉู่ฉี่ปลาทู หลนปลาร้า”

  1. Thananon Pannin

    Hey Mark, I am a Thai who love watching video so much. I love the moment that you show people from the whole world how great that Thai food is. I'm so happy. Thank you very much on behave of Thai people.
    Moreover, today I have my recommand for my favourite restuarant that must try and you gonna love it I promise. It's called "Phed Phed" (เผ็ดเผ็ด) . It's a fusion northen-eastern (Esan) style of food that the guy who love spicy food like cannot resist!! It's placed on soi Phaholyothin8 (Aree)
    for detail >>

    Remark#1: The restuarant so much packed every day, you cannot just walk to get your table. You must call for make reservation at least a day in advance.
    Remaek#2: They have the random secret menu that you have to ask waiters for it.
    Remaek#3: Dessert of the day will be notice on facebook at the morning and it's limited too!! You should to book the dessert while you booking our table

    It sounds inconvinent but trust me.
    It is worthy 😀

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