World's Best Convenience Store? (7-ELEVEN THAILAND)

It’s funny because where I grew up (Arizona), I never thought of 7-Eleven being a desirable place to visit. The only reason I’d ever go to 7-Eleven to fill up my gas tank and/or get a slurpee.

But in Thailand (and many Asian countries), 7-Eleven takes on a completely new meaning. It’s your one stop shop for anything and everything you can think of. 7-Eleven pretty much the World’s Best convenience store in the history of mankind.

Inside 7-Eleven, you can find (literally) thousands of unique food and beverage options — but even beyond that, 7-Eleven is a place where you can pay your phone & internet bills, schedule mail for pick up, purchase sporting event tickets and grab all of your toiletries and cosmetics.

Thailand alone has over 11,000 7-Eleven locations (the second-most behind Japan) and it does 500 billion Baht ($15B USD) in revenue a year. It’s hard to explain how incredible this store is unless you’ve been to Thailand (or Asia) and experienced it for yourself.

What are you thoughts on 7-Eleven? Anyone else agree with me?

Instagram: @drewbinsky. Thanks Michael (IG: @affinityadventure) for the help in this video!

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