Delicious Koh Samui Food: Authentic Thai Food at Isaan Krok Mai Thai Restaurant

Awesome Thai Food in Koh Samui Thailand. Subscribe: NEW THAILAND FOOD & TRAVEL VIDEOS EVERY WEDNESDAY! Koh Samui Food: Delicious & Authentic Thai Food at Isaan Krok Mai Thai Restaurant.

This is a meal my family and I had recently at an Isaan style Thai restaurant in Koh Samui Thailand.
Isaan Krok Mai restaurant is on Google Maps at
Business Hours: Open 11am from pm till 11pm every day.

Isaan Krok Mai restaurant serve a wide variety of Isaan style Thai food, all sorts of maeat, seafood, salad and vegetable dishes and the food we had there was delicious!
The meal we had in the video was 630 baht (including soft drinks). The restaurant is well located, clean, and comfortable and the staff are very friendly. I’d definitely recommend visiting this place if you’re in Koh Samui Thailand and you want to try some real Thai food at a realistic price. Check out my channel for lots more Thailand food and travel videos. Videos from Koh Samui, Krabi, Phuket, Bangkok and lots of other parts of Thailand!

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Krabi is about 2-3 hours from Phuket by land or sea, and has world class accommodation standards comparable to what you find in Phuket hotels and resorts, but in a more relaxed environment.

If you’re looking into Thailand Hotels have a look at hotels and resorts in Krabi. The islands and beaches of Krabi are famous for Thailand holidays, the movie The Beach was filmed on Krabi’s Koh Phi Phi Island.

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44 Replies to “Delicious Koh Samui Food: Authentic Thai Food at Isaan Krok Mai Thai Restaurant”

  1. Farangutan

    Dazza mate , I notice they like to BBQ, their meat in the early morning .
    Do they like their meat early so they can work it off for the rest of the day .
    If so , not a bad idea , healthier eating and weight control imo.

  2. Holly Mai Burton

    Hi Darren loved the video! Could you do one where you show us what vlogging camera you use to make your videos with or just let me know if possible? I'm travelling to Thailand for 3 weeks in October and want to have a good camera to record my travel vlog with 🙂 Thank-you and keep posting amazing videos!

  3. Ross Harris

    Good shopping thus $$$ ka-ching$ goes your hard earned baht ! The chicken looked very nice that you presented at the opening of this presentation. Did On' learn cooking habits from her mum ?? I ask because hee automatic moves with food, some females read; or watch programming, etc. Your making me hungrey again, but I need to becareful now, I had my gallbladder removed 5/31. Thanx again darren, and family 🙋

  4. Michael K.

    I understand why you and your family like to live at Thailand, because all the people I can see at your videos they are always relaxed, always smiling and have plenty of time for eating, no one is in a hurry, just like paradise. 😀😀😀👍👍👍🤗🤗🤗 Buy the way good video again. 😄😄😄

  5. Dwayne Midson

    Looks so fresh and full of flavour. Those dipping sauces are a whole universe of flavours on their own!
    2 weeks and counting my friend! Then its Thai food everyday!
    Thanks again Darren and family! 😀

  6. Missy B

    Here is one thing I would have to accept and get over in Thailand. You and other food vloggers consistently describe most of the food as 'sour'….In America, lemons/limes/grapefruits are sour. Regular food is not sour and often indicates being spoiled. I'm never sure if you're saying there is a lot of 'lime' in/on it or what. Is the sour an obvious lime taste? I get confused about the sour description. I LOVED how dark Ananda's omelet looked and the crispy edges. I know I would LOVE Thai omelets and have seen vids on how to cook them in oil (oil must be HOT). And how nice and puffy they get. Aorn looked absolutely gorgeous in this vid. That shade of pink is perfect for her and she was so comfy and smiley! The food at that restaurant looked FABULOUS. Thanks Aorn and Darren!!!

  7. Craig Prince

    Hi Darren, Fantastic video as usual. I’m so hungry for authentic Thai food. I will be in Koh Samui very soon and will be definitely paying a visit to this lovely Issan Thai restaurant. The food there does looks pretty good and with the affordability I think I might be making more than 1 visit to this restaurant. A big thumbs 👍 and Cheers from Perth the number 1 city in Australia.

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