Inside Thailand’s First Legalised Cannabis Plantation

Thailand has become the first country in Southeast Asia to legalise the use of cannabis as a drug. Marijuana is said to be able to treat various diseases including Parkinson’s, asthma, insomnia, autism and even cancer. But there are also studies that have shown the negative effects cannabis, such as brain damage and addiction.

While hemp plants are now grown at the Royal Agriculture Pangda in Samoeng, weed remains illegal and banned in Thailand. “We will make the public understand that it’s for medical purposes only, not for recreation,” said Niyom Termsrisuk, the Secretary-General of Office of Narcotics Control Board (ONCB). The Thai military conducts search and destroy mission in the hills of Chiang Rai to rid of illegal drug plantations.

Countries like Philippines and Malaysia are considering legalising medical marijuana, possibly indicating a turning point on the region’s long-standing tough war on drugs. Carrying and transporting of drugs however, still result in death penalty in countries like Singapore.


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26 Replies to “Inside Thailand’s First Legalised Cannabis Plantation”

  1. don toews

    so the Thai govt along with many other countries have chosen alcohol over cannabis, all the deaths form alcohol what a shame. I'm Canadian and our society has not fallen apart after cannabis was legalized in Canada. What a boon it would be for Thailand and the tourist industry if cannabis were legal

  2. Danka

    Thailand would be the perfect location for the next big stage of the legalization of Cannabis globally. In my opinion their Government should grow and distribute this medicine for free for all. Completely saturate the population with free access to cannabis. To pay for the operation of growing and harvesting they should set up a non-profit model of donations large and small, donate what you can and take what you need. Not to mention all the products that can be made by hemp, the actual plant and not just the beloved bud. I believe if we all had access to this hemp and cannabis resource in any amount no questions asked it would benefit the populace greatly in health and economy. Also the income from tourism would sky rocket and so would abuse for the first year or so but once it becomes so abundant the abuse will taper off and responsible use will be the normal.

  3. David A

    Why do they insist on calling hemp derived CBD a drug, when its a plant/herb? No more dangerous than a multivitamin, or coconut oil. Make every plant, vegetable, fruit grown an illegal drug and you can employ 1 million more to police/enforce and rely on their votes for a lifetime 🙂

  4. Kosmologiikka

    1:20 Nice male plants. Good luck with the harvest.
    edit: Ok read some of the backstory. Oh well, maybe in few years..
    "Currently there are only two officially-sanctioned plantations in Thailand allowed to grow a particular strain cannabis with less than 1 percent Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the plant's main psychoactive ingredient, and supply hospitals or government research institutes."

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