Sharks return to Thailand’s famous Maya Bay after tourist ban

Thailand’s Maya Bay – the crown jewel of Phi Phi Islands and location of the Leonardo DiCaprio movie The Beach – was closed to tourists as part of national efforts to rehabilitate the country’s marine environment. With the tourist ban came a new group of visitors to the bay – blacktip reef sharks. Read the full story:

43 Replies to “Sharks return to Thailand’s famous Maya Bay after tourist ban”

  1. James Casey

    I've been to Maya Bay about 5 years ago, I'm happy Thailand closed this beach. I can tell you first hand that excessive tourism destroys places like this and regardless whether I did the island tour for other islands I still was a part of that tourism and pollution. The Beach movie makes the beach look bigger than what it really is, when you get there its a very small beach and it was ridiculously packed with tourists, boats everywhere and you couldn't see a thing in the water from the sand and debris constantly churned up. The other islands we saw on our boat journey were beautiful and far nicer.. I think Thailand is one of the best countries in the world to visit, but the industry of tourism needs to be more responsible as do we who are the tourists.

  2. Dogwood

    Too bad Thailand doesn't respect the wishes of America by keeping their invasive fish species from our rivers and lakes. Maybe we should ban immigrants from Asia for their selfishness and stupidity.

  3. Oofgaming

    I'm happy that Thai gov't got same decision with our PDU30 in the Philippines when he shut down the Boracay Island… hoping that other countries also may think the same in caring for our mother nature.

  4. Michel Carpentier

    Don't blame the tourism, as they bring a lot of money, and as I could see it's pretty dirty and I didn't see anyone cleaning, you think tourist leave shit loads of tires to the beach, what about broken boat engines, it's the local people who mostly doesn't care about they're own place, the boats! God it's awfully crowded, single use plastic is the norm in the island, you can see infinite amount of small water bottles, that should be banned, and so many things should improve, banning the single use plastics would help a lot, banning the plastics from the island completely would help enormously.

    This is a beautiful place, and I'm glad it's improving but there's a lot that needs to be done.

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