🇹🇭 7 MUST-EATS in PATTAYA, Thailand

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Art Thomya, a Thai singer/songwriter, will show you the 7 Must-Eats in PATTAYA, a famous beach town in Eastern Thailand. Art was accompanied by his local friends, who are eager to show you the charms of their hometown. Let’s take this journey together!

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7 Must-Eats in PATTAYA, Thailand
#1 Chicken Noodles (Mae Sri Ruen, Central Pattaya :
#2 Local Spicy Soup with Fish (Ja Toi Restaurant :
#3 Steamed Squid with Chilli & Lime (Ja Toi Restaurant :
#4 Deep-Fried Sea Bass with Sweet Fish Sauce (The Glass House :
#5 Steamed Crab Legs with Seafood Sauce (The Glass House :
#6 Croissants & Coffee (La Baguette, The French Bakery Cafe :
#7 Roasted Chicken & Mussels (La Ferme Restaurant :

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22 Replies to “🇹🇭 7 MUST-EATS in PATTAYA, Thailand”

  1. Tom smith


    I  went to  FOODLAND  RESTAURANT IN ROYAL. GARDEN with 2 friends to eat some food.    

    The food was very  bad,  and the staff 

    Did not  speak,  or understand English. 

    When we were  leaving  we heard  one

    Of the staff  say  Fu..    You to 

    A customer. 

    NEVER again  will we go there. The  staff  need to be  trained.

  2. austy channel

    เรียนจบที่ไหนหรอคะ พูดภาษาอังกฤษ​เพราะมาก และเป็​นการรีวิวที่มีชาติตระกูลมากๆ 555

  3. bora pronh

    wow I love the video . when I was visiting Thailand I didn't get the chance to visit Pattaya. I was in several cities like Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Phuket . But I enjoyed my visit last year during Christmas and celebrating 2018 in Thailand!

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