Nana Plaza Bangkok | World's Largest Adult Playground in Thailand HD

Nana EntertainmentPlaza in Bangkok is world’s Largest Adult playground.

It consists of 3 story buildings. Having Go Go Bars.
After midnight girls go topless specially in Rainbow 4 on level 2. Rainbow and Angel Witch are the most popular so far.
-While taking round on all these level the gate man will raise curtain to look inside, just have a look and decide to enter or not.


-There are stage in the middle of the Bar.
-Girls dances in Bikini on Stage.
-Stage surrounded by Sitting arrangement.
-When you walk around Nana Plaza girls on Alley will pull you inside.
– Willingly or unwillingly once you enter inside choose site around stage.
-Order Drink, drink prices ranges from 110-150 Baht.
-Girls dancing on Stage have badge number on their Bikini or on top cloth.
-If you liked the Girl tell waitress badge number.
-She will call the girl and Girl will come and sit near you.
-As a Gesture or Rule you have to buy Drink for Lady for her time.
-Lady Drink price will be around 150 Baht.
-Chat with her and decide if you wants to take her out.
-You have to pay Bar fine 500-600 Baht. If you don’t want to pay bar fine have secret deal with girl and wait till bar closes i.e. 2am.
-Girl charges ranges from 1500-2500 for short time (1 hour) and 2500-4500 for long time (Over night) depending on Girl’s look and age.
-You can negotiate with her , don’t negotiate too much if you want good service. 20% is enough.
-If your hotel is guest friendly you can carry there but she must present her ID. Some hotels will ask for joiner fees. Ask you hotel before.
-They also have short time room for 300 Baht for one hour.
-Carry your own condoms , it will be cheap and of good quality. You can buy it from any 7/11 shops.

Address :It is on Sukhumvit Road Soi 4. You can come to BTS Nana and come backward 10 min walking distance.

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  1. Foxaod 22

    يا عيب الشوم عليكم بس بدال متعبودو الله الله راح يموتكم يوم القيَمة ناس وسخة وقليلت أدب اتفي عليكم وسخين الله مايفوتكم الجنة

  2. paul hoskin

    I imagine myself as a horse going to Nana plaza .strutting in with my enormous penis dangling between my legs. All the girls squeal with delight and start feeding me nuts .they giggle as they take turns riding me. After Nana its soi cowboy where all the other horses are

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