This video will guide you through the main nightlife spots of Chaweng district, which is the main party spot on the island Koh Samui in Thailand.

Reggae Pub (the one where they check IDs for ladyboys):
Ark Beach Bar (the biggest parties on Chaweng Beach):
Green Mango (biggest club on the island):
Sound Club (afterparty club): could locate it on Google Maps, but it is just around the corner from Green Mango, just ask for it, everybody will know 😉

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✔ PERISCOPE: Adam Remedy
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  1. Scuba Tom

    Wow! I went to Reggae Pub 13 years ago. lol They would not even let the local guys in. I took the whole hotel staff because they had never been there, and I had to pay off the door man to let them in. They remembered me because I had been there every night spending crazy money. I told them ether let my friends in, or I walk. They let them in. lol Back then I don't remember a red light district. Reggae Pub did have great bands. I don't think I would care for Koh Samui anymore. I liked it the way it was.

  2. Etienne 777

    Without Jesus one is so lost in one's sin, i feel so sorry for those who try to fill the empty void inside ones soul with lust that cannot satisfy. Try Jesus, He is the only one who can redeem and satisfy your soul. No God, no meaning in life. Just one empty, pointless party after another! Dont be fooled, hell and heaven is real.

  3. oncall21

    Yes it's very sad. "Lady boys' cannot leave the country, cannot use toilets publicly unless they use a 'Lady Boy' toilet and are discriminated heavily in Thailand. No wonder so many of them turn to the sex industry to make money as a whore.


    i dont understand any european going to thailand and samui staying there as you better saving your money and going to magaluf spain same thing half the price went there in 2006 it had 10 bungalows and small swimming pool only me and the wife in the pool and thai families used it in the evening wooden huts on the beach and maybe a guy playing a guitar wonderfull now it like hell drunks every where and a massive brothel but im old and its koh chang for me like thailand was 20 years ago good old lonly beach and my beach bungalow yes hippie life for me

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