Thai Steamed Dumplings – Khao Kriab Pak Moh ● Thailand Travel Vlog

Going to the hospital when visiting another country is usually not desired, but boy was I happy to have experienced it in Bangkok! Bumrungrad Hospital felt more like a hotel than anything else.

Coincidentally my doctor’s appointment landed on the same day as my dental appointment. Both places happened to be within blocks of each other near the infamous red light district of Nana.

With six hours to kill, we get a 2-hour massage for only $16 USD and savor a freshly-cut young coconut right next to a railroad track. Because it was Monday, many street food stalls closed due to street cleaning. However we do come across vendors who sell Khao Kriab Pak Moh (Thai steamed dumplings) and Sakhu Sai Moo (Tapioca Balls with pork filling).

As an early dinner, we try vegetarian Indian food at Khana Khazana. Then befriend the kind receptionist at the dental clinic for dinner at Bangkok’s Koreantown. What a day filled with diverse happenings!

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44 Replies to “Thai Steamed Dumplings – Khao Kriab Pak Moh ● Thailand Travel Vlog”

  1. Mille Frush

    It's funny how I watched this vid 3 years ago and I'm now dropping a comment lol. The hospital is pronounced 'bum-roong-rard' (Bum Rung Rad). Sometimes the official spelling doesn't get u the right pronunciation 🙂 I love all your vids!

  2. Phương Hà

    I love you. Love the way you show food paradise to everyone and describe it simply but easily to imagine for whom just look at food through screen. Your voice is so cute. If you come to Viet Nam again, I hope to have a chance to meet you and suggest you some local foods. Wish you the best

  3. Over The Seven Seas

    Watching your videos is making me feel so inspired to knuckle down and get some work done, so that I can spend time in Bangkok again, too! I'll put your playlists right here next to my current coursework so that I can top up my inspiration and work motivation easily! 🙂 I hope your knee got better soon after this video!

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