Phuket Night Market: Kata Beach Phuket Thailand. Thai Street Food & Shopping. Kata Night Market

Kata Beach Night Market: Thai Street Food and Shopping. Subscribe: NEW THAILAND FOOD AND TRAVEL VIDEOS EVERY WEDNESDAY. Phuket Night Market Kata, Phuket Thailand Vlog.

A walk around Kata Beach Night Market Phuket Thailand. Unfortunately this market has closed since I made the video. There is a similar market not far away at the Karon Temple. It’s open every Tuesday and Friday from about 4pm till 10pm at the temple on Patak Road in Karon Beach Phuket Thailand. The Google Maps coordinates for the Karon Temple Market are:

Ката Бич. Karon Night Market is well worth a visit if you’re having holidays in Phuket. It’s got a great mix of local and touristy stuff, with plenty of shopping for clothes, souvenirs and lots of other stuff, as well as authentic Thai cuisine and Thai street food. There are all sorts of prepared and cooked foods as well as loads of fresh fruit & vegetables available.

Thai street food is everywhere in Thailand. It’s cheap and it is really delicious, all the food is cooked fresh as the vendors sell it, it’s some of my favourite Thai cuisine, and there is so much variety of street food in Thailand! Thai Street Food is a must to try if you’re on holidays in Thailand, and there’s loads of street food in Phuket!

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Thai food markets are one of the best places to buy fresh and authentic Thai food, or to buy groceries and fruit while you travel in Thailand. There are loads of Thai food markets all around Thailand, and heaps around Phuket. At the markets you’ll find so many Thai dishes on offer and the foods here are cheap, and so tasty! And in case you’re worried, eating street food is perfectly safe. It’s what the locals eat and it is cooked fresh and sold quickly. I’ve been eating it for 3 years in Thailand and my friends who have been to visit and tour Thailand have all eaten it, and none of us have had any problems. Thai street food is some of the best Thai food in Thailand. And best of all, the food is cheap, often much cheaper than eating in a Thai restaurant. Eating at Thai markets is a good way to eat cheap on your Thailand holidays.

Make sure you check out some Thai Food Markets on your trip to Thailand, and be sure to sample some of the amazing Thai street food that’s available in Thailand! If you want to try some of the most delicious food in the world be sure to visit Thailand!

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Krabi is about 2-3 hours from Phuket by land or sea, and has world class accommodation standards comparable to what you find in Phuket hotels and resorts, but in a more relaxed environment.

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28 Replies to “Phuket Night Market: Kata Beach Phuket Thailand. Thai Street Food & Shopping. Kata Night Market”

  1. michelle molineux

    Hey @darrenb3, your videos are great! Cant believe i have only just found them! Im heading to Phuket for the 2nd time in March and was really impressed with the Karon Temple markets last year, the markets in Kata look very similar. Is it similar size or do you think its worth doing both the markets? I stayed in Karon last time and will be staying in Kata this time around. Is it easy to get public transport from Kata to Karon as i would really like to go back to Temple markets unless you think Kata has just as much to offer. Would love to hear your thoughts.

  2. Dominus

    A lot of people would say that BBQing Durian is the best thing to do with it, just let it burn. Though I would love to try it after having been cooked that way, I guess it would intensify sugars and some of the other flavours.

  3. Suzanne Revero

    Always look forward to your reviews/videos. I was wondering, are the fish, meat, poultry, fresh produce organic? In America, a LOT of our food is GMO's….and consequently, I only try to eat organic everything. Really curious about this. Thank you and look forward to your next much appreciated video.

  4. Dom Sudjai

    Hello Darren. Do you feel that most market that are exposed to westerners are beginning to lean on offering mostly bbq and/ or deep fried food. whilst I'm not against it, but when it's stall after stall of it. it can be a bit of a downer. especially when you get deep fried fish take that's tough as hockey pucks.

    I've also realised these bbq/ deep fry stalls out number som tum, larp, numtok stalls.

    I guess I miss when Thai markets were predominately esaan food.

  5. maritess p

    Hi Darren really help your video. I like to see all this market and eat alll yummy Thai food I can't wait my holiday there in Thailand. Hope we meet you and your family one day. Thanks for sharing x

  6. Peter 11

    hey Darren i was there in march this year and bought back alot of great memories and those markets are great and similar to the one near the temple in karon down the road. Great vlog mate and looking forward to your next vid. Take care mate.

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