Free Thai Language Resource Cache has a New Home – Introducing the new Jcademy

February sees the launch of the brand new online learning portal. I have consolidated and migrated all my Thai learning content and more over to this new, faster and much more stable platform.

I have gone through all the learning tools and made both HTML5 versions where possible that can be used in all browsers, or if you liked the tools in the original form, you can still use them in the Articulate Player on your devices and download them to your mobile devices.

I have hundreds of pieces of Thai language learning content there – much of it for free.

Stay tuned over the coming weeks for some more announcements – this new relaunched Jcademy will be a living, breathing resource for your language learning needs – more languages to come.

If you don’t have an account yet, click here to create one for free and get access to your content –

6 Replies to “Free Thai Language Resource Cache has a New Home – Introducing the new Jcademy”

  1. chenelle hancock

    I am learning thai right now using the mango languages app on my i phone 6s. I am enjoying it a great deal too. I never learned an Asian language before and the thai language is a wonderful and beautiful language to learn from an auditory method of learning. I am also learning Turkish and Cantonese at the same time as well. I also find those languages to be quite alluring to my minds eye. I wanted to know how much was your cracking thai fundamentals course? My mini thai goal for next month is to be able to order some food in thai and to have a simple conversation with a waiter or waitress in thai. I was able after 6 weeks of learning a1 Cantonese I was able to order some Chinese food over the phone in Cantonese and i was able to give my phone number and address to the person in complete Cantonese. Despite the fact that the person only spoke manderon and not Cantonese. I even went as far as to order a cantonese dish from hung Kong and the restaurant did not service this particular dish from hung Kong because it was a chinese American restaurant and not a restaurant that served original Chinese food from hung Kong. So we had a great laugh about it and i just decided to order something else in Cantonese instead. However, it was a great learning experience for me to have as a language learner. I hope to have the same experience next month when i take a crack at riding some thai food at this thai restaurant here in Akron ohio where i live at here in the states.thanks so much for your wonderful videos i really do get a lot out of them in regards to my learning the thai language. Ps, when would it be a great time to chat about you coming onto my podcast show? Thanks a lot for everything that you do Stu jay.

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