Learn to Cook Your Thai Food Favorites in Our Bangkok Cooking Class!

Big news, we’ve launched our own Thai food cooking class for visitors to Bangkok!

Booking Details:

Come join us and make your Thai food favorites like:
Pad Thai
“Thai Basil” or Krapow
Pad See Ew
Khao Soi
and more!

For the past two years Courageous Kitchen has been having fun while teaching youth at risk the benefits of eating better, and learning not to fear the heat and the stress of the kitchen.

Now we’re inviting you into our home to learn your favorite Thai dishes too!

Each day begins with a tour of a classic Bangkok market. We’ll buy fresh ingredients for the class and give you an opportunity to ask questions of the vendors in the market. This will be a delight for the senses, as there’s plenty to see, smell, and photograph. Watch as coconut milk is freshly pressed, and as our noodle vendor slices up fresh rice noodles for our dishes of the day. The selection of fruit will make your head spin and if culture shock hasn’t hit yet, the meat section just might do it!

We may stop by a few of our favorite street food stalls to see them in action, but then it’s back to our quiet Thai neighborhood to cook up a feast. We’ll start by explaining some of the uses for the many ingredients we gathered from the market. Then we cook and eat until you’ve eaten so much it’s uncomfortable to move!

Best of all this is not the average Bangkok cooking class. We strive to keep our class sizes small (6 or fewer) and are happy to customize the class to you liking. Have a special dish in mind? Curious about a certain street food? Let us know and we’ll tailor the class to you!

Proceeds from this activity will go back into funding our activities feeding and educating at risk communities in Bangkok. We’ve got some ambitious goals stacked for our students who are quickly learning to out cook most adults! This activity is one way we’ll be raising funds, but you can also donate and get more info at

About Dwight:

“Eat well, travel happy, and give back!”

Dwight is an American food writer living in Bangkok. He created the hashtag #bkkfatty and later a food blog called Bangkok Fatty encouraging people to share their tastiest food finds.

Dwight’s charity Courageous Kitchen teaches underserved children to cook. You can find out more or donate to his charity efforts at

Special Guests: Mark Wiens, Ricky Kim, and other friends who helped us successfully pilot our classes!

Follow Dwight at @bkkfatty on Instagram and Twitter and on Facebook at
This video was filmed in 4K Resolution, enjoy!

“Eat well, travel happy, and give back!”

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  1. Tosh T

    Aw man, this is going to be big. You're a natural, DT. That boat noodles tour you gave that sweet vlogger (name escapes me) nailed your skills. Navigated the endless and potentially confusing options (faced by tourists) and provided awesome commentary as well as some language lessons along the way. 👍👍

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