Ajinomoto contributes to safe and healthy meal in Thailand

Bangkok (Thailand), Jan 02 (ANI): A park in Bangkok, Thailand attracts many people who come to enjoy sports when it gets cooler in the evening. Thephasadin Stadium is popular as a spot for sport and there are a lot of people who love a jog or running here. “Team beyond” is an amateur running team. Before practicing, these runners always drink Ajinomoto product “Amino vital” that consists of mainly amino acid that helps in better functioning of the body and lets them enjoy the sport. Ajinomoto also sponsors meal for the athletes, including the National Volleyball Team of Thailand. During the training Amino vital is provided to them. A dish made from vegetables and meat is prepared for the athletes by using seasoning of “Ajinomoto”. It gives a taste of homemade food. Ajinomoto project “Kachimeshi” means “winning meal”. “Katchimeshi” is a nutrition program to improve the nutritional needs of athletes. Ajinomoto staff prepares a meal menu with the team’s nutrition management staff and coach. “AminoVITAL” is popular among professional and amateur athletes. Ajinomoto enhances taste and contributes to sport development in Asia.
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