Thailand Travel Agents Facing a Disaster As Strong Baht Keeps Tourists Away.

Thailand Travel Agents Facing a Disaster As Strong Baht Keeps Tourists Away. Date a Filipina:❤️

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Thai travel agents post figures showing a drop of 11.5% in inbound traffic.

Travel bookings to Thailand have Plummeted by 11.46% during the first six months of the year.

For the first six months of 2019 the Association of Travel Agents’ member companies handled 2,786,204 customers.

That translates into a Staggering Loss of 360,470 Clients for inbound travel agents, based on the turnover of guests at Bangkok’s two gateway airports, Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang.

The data is based on fees paid to the Airports of Thailand (AoT) for clients offered meet-and-greet services by member companies.

The data shows a steady decline ranging from 9% in January and February to a Massive Drop of 20% in May.

June closed with a decline of 12%. Only two of the top five source markets, Vietnam and India, recorded upticks during the first six months.

While China is still the biggest inbound market for travel agents with 58.29% of all arrivals, 2019 so far has shown a steady decline of nearly 15%.

Vietnam inbound traffic was up a mere 1.85%. Third-placed India generated 140,885 clients an increase of 5.72%.

South Korea in fourth place and previously a star performer for travel agents delivered only 117,365 clients, a drop of 15.76% while Japanese traffic was also down 8.48%

Alarm bells are ringing over the decline in Chinese visitors, a market that travel agents, up until last year, had come to rely on to maintain a healthy revenue stream.

Travel experts blame declines on a strong baht against the Euro and UK pound. Travel from the UK market dropped by nearly 25% for ATTA members. Visits from Germany declined by 6.77% and France dipped by 10%.

Competition is tough worldwide and in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is a fast becomming a rising star that will challenge Thailand’s dominance. Source: TR Weekly.

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Is The Stronger Baht Impacting Your Life As An Expat?

43 Replies to “Thailand Travel Agents Facing a Disaster As Strong Baht Keeps Tourists Away.”

  1. Ian Anderson

    Numbers are down but the thai authorities refuse to devalue the baht . And the thai hotels and bars keep putting up prices the chinese arrive for short breaks but spend very little. western tourists stay much longer and spend much more but get hiked prices that why the numbers are down . Other S.E asian counties value western visitors . The thai authorities and people treat western tourists with increasing contempt and many westerners are now going back and telling their frends to go to other countries . If i did not have my thai gf i would go else where .i been comming to thailand for 18 years and stay 4 months each year and now it is not the land of smiles anymore . Now you pay through the nose for the smiles false as they are …. a beer in england is cheaper as is a breakfast and most meals cocktails and clothes in tesco lotus general western products are very high in comparison to uk

  2. wayne bevan

    Next year I will be doing 3 x three month trips there , but spending less than normal, would love to go Vietnam, Cambodia or Philippines, but I have never tried them and dont know where to go ???

  3. Alozhatos

    My personal opinion as Malaysian who suffering Ringgit massive crash… For now Thailand have a very good opportunity with strong Baht to have cheaper fuel price, cheaper imported heavy machineries for various sectors, cheaper import for manufacturing components, cheaper high tech for upskill Thais, Thai banking sector become lucrative, Thai govt have lesser subsidies due to strong Baht and industry 4.0 will be boom… Weak Baht will attract tourism and export but it will hurt average Thais by expensive fuel price and Thai govt have to create offset subsidies… Overdependent on tourism will hurt Thailand in long term… Just like Malaysia overdependent on oil…

  4. Breadbugzombie964

    And it keeps on falling, top that with an declining export and the fact that thai people now is in debt to banks etc with loans at 7 trillion baht and rising. The economy in Thailand is going to make a huge faceplant like never before very very soon.

  5. Agirae iPotor

    Perhaps, Thailand needs a break from mass tourism…? I think mass tourism is like a double-edged sword. Too many tourists for too long then the prices sky-rocket. This is good for the local communities as they can enjoy more profits, but bad for the residents from other cities in Thailand as they suffer the inflated prices of goods and services.

  6. Richard Cook

    I feel like the type of tourist that will be turned off by the strong baht is the type of tourist that isn’t all that important to Thailand anyway.
    There’s plenty of other places for the western man to chase beer and women.
    I prefer that they stay away from Thailand.
    Maybe then the black eye of prostitution will begin to heal.

  7. Chris Clubbe

    After.just coming back from thailand. I go 4 x times a year.. personally i think the decling numbers are higher.. The chinese tourist who go to thailand most go on tours so the general bars clubs dont get to see any of there money.. It will carry on decling… the bhat is far to strong… the Indians mainly drink from 7/11 .. now they dont need a Visa that's why there numbers will rise…

  8. Ian Nelson

    Thai Baht is disasterously high, overvalued actually. I love Thailand but just about every week the Junta has introduced more unwelcoming regulations and rules that have made me think about freedom here in Thailand. This obtuse and aggressive government is running Thailand as a military base and continue to be condecending to all foreigners……….No experience in government, spectacular lack of vision on all fronts and as it continues Thailands economy will spiral down into the abyss of bankruptcy. Very sad. Oh! Military are there to protect and serve, not be the undemocratic bully dictatorship that it is right now. How on earth do the courts allow this criminality, absolute disrespect of your own citizens, complete contempt of your own constitution.

  9. Lee Atkins

    I had my heart set on retirement in Thailand in a year or so when I hit 50. The terrible exchange rate to the U.K.£ and all the new visa rules mean I am looking elsewhere. If Thailand don’t want my pounds then I’m sure other countries will.

  10. Ken Lizzio

    We have a monthly budget that we stick to in Thb. Fortunately we had Thb deposited here over the last couple of years of me working. Currently still living off of that. Have money in the UK, but reluctant to move over at Thb 38 to the Pound.
    Patrons of bars and restaurants that used to be the cornerstone of the entertainment areas are definitely lowest I've seen here. However the one small positive that I've seen is that forward thinking businesses are offering better prices for beverages, instead of using the old school formulae of increasing prices to try to compensate for the lack of sales. Still would be good to see the GBP back up to Thb 50 sooner rather than later.

  11. jack oaa

    Good report as usual Chris. Thailand is becoming too expensive with a strong Baht and tourists are starting to feel they are not welcome. Like the other comments here, once lost it will be hard to get people to come back.

  12. Lone Wolf

    The good days of 30+bht for one Aussie dollars was great, It has not stopped me from travelling but must admit changes to charge everyone health insurance visiting does not help and paying that on top of travel insurance only makes Thai sense, Now they are looking to charge that health insurance on departure.
    Like the other comments in Asia you have so much more options and less hassels than in Thailand for expats could loose their golden egg which would take a long time to recover for short term gain.

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