World's Most Complicated Writing System (corrections in the description)

1: The Thai writing system has actually changed way more than I thought. I still think this is a good overview of why it’s as complicated as it is, but Thai people can’t actually still read stuff that’s super old. Please disregard that lengthy, passionate speech at the end about how their writing system connects them to their ancient past.
2: Like I said, there are plenty of writing systems I didn’t know about, and NativLang makes a very good case that the Tibetan writing system is actually the most complicated:
3: “Vocalized” is not what I ment. The word I should have used is “voiced.” “Vocalized” means something different.

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42 Replies to “World's Most Complicated Writing System (corrections in the description)”

  1. Razgriz

    it's not very hard to learn but it's very difficult to use it correctly. Normally most ppl dont take it too seriously but the more correct you can do it right the more respect you'll get.

  2. whovian

    I am korean
    I learnt Thai for this past 6 months
    I went to Thailand last week
    I tried to read Thai at the thai restaurant
    they have completely different font from what I have been learning to
    Me:(try to find if there's any english is there)

  3. Kwan PMP

    1 thing to prove that Thai language is the hardest language is

    กำลัง = doing something
    จะ = will do something
    แล้ว = already did that

    But Thai just mixed them together, like
    กำลังจะไปแล้ว (ไป = go)

    Even I'm a Thai, I am still confuse to this one. So don't worry about learning this language.

  4. 지윤

    Lol I'm Korean and what so funny is that comments under the Hangul video were filled with Koreans pranking foreigners and foreigners struggling to read em but here… everyone says "Thai is god damn hard" even Thais..LMAO

  5. Gianluca Tartaro

    “The Thai writing system was invented by King Pho Khun Ram Khamhaeng”

    Pho Khun Ram Khamhaeng
    Fo Kun Ran Kynhans
    Fokun kRankyhass
    Fukin’ Crankyass

    I knew it! There’s no way the person who wrote this writing system wasn’t just some angry, bitter dude lmao

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