PATTAYA BAHT BUS ROUTES | Riding around Beach Road | Thailand Travel 2018

Travel video from Pattaya with review of some popular tourist attractions:

0:00 I am going by Baht Bus along Beach Road in Pattaya. This is Sunday and there are a lot of taxi, motorbikes and other cars around on the road. Baht Bus is not expensive. The price is 10 baht (0.3$)
3:05 Festival Trade Center in Pattaya. This is the biggest and the most popular shopping mall in Pattaya becouse It is located on Beach Road and close to the most popular tourist destinations like Soi Boukhao, Soi 6, Soi 7, Soi 8, LK Metro. There are a lot of different shops and boutiques with different brands. On the first floor of the Shopping Mall there is car show. You can see BMW another popular marks of cars.
8:25 Pattaya Hotel, Hilton in Pattaya. This hotel is located in up floor of Festival Shopping Mall
8:57 Pattaya Walking Street, nighttime. Review of the street some a gogo, night clubs and bars.

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  1. Thoy

    The " baht bus" is called a songtau and this mall has everything from banks to restaurants, so people go here not only for shopping but personal business as well , single girls go here to meet guys away from the bar scene as well

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