Thailand bar fine tip 3 General Advice around Pattaya and Entertainment areas

Thailand bar fine tip 3 General Advice around Pattaya and Entertainment areas
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30 Replies to “Thailand bar fine tip 3 General Advice around Pattaya and Entertainment areas”

  1. FF Film Crew

    When I was in the navy in 1990 the way it worked was like this. You go in the bar. The girls surrounded you no different than the kids that would surround you out in the street begging for change. They all would ask if you wanted company. If they sat down with you you had to buy them a ladies drink. The cherry boys wouldn't know how to handle it. The more experienced guys would say station dito. That means you were a great score not just passing through because your stationed her. If you were smart or experienced you went straight to the bar and said no thanks to all of them after station dito. Then they would want to work you and so they would then talk to you for free essentially. If the bar had short time then that meant they had a room in back. If you saw a girl you liked you called her over and talked a bit
    If you were smart you would tell the girl you ain't here for a long time just a good time. You then paid the mamasan the bar fine went back and did the deal. Now the girl usually wanted you to pay the long time bar fine and the two of you could leave the bar and go do whatever you agreed to go do. Usually get some food and drink from another bar then head back to her house and spend the night. There were no two charges. You could also go straight to long time bar fine and go out of the bar get some food or drinks and then get a hotel or her place. If u hit it off then you could be with her for as long as you both wanted to. But a guy needed to give her money because she was missing work. Eventually if she became a girlfriend then you had to either support her or maybe she just went to work to keep her job and would just work for ladies drink. She would come home and you'd be waiting or you'd meetup at the end of the night. You still had to give her something but lots less than paying for her bar fine every night. Some girls if u got serious would quit there job. But then you moved in with her or her with you. If you went to the same bar quite a bit o bd the girls got to know you well for me a girl just gave me directions and a key to her place after I had known her for a few weeks. We hit off and she was playing the long game I think at first but then she quit her job and I just paid for stuff and she took care of me like a king. I gave her like 200 maybe a month for the 3 months I was in olangapo. If I wanted to go butterfly around she never gave me any grief and I just would go to the next town over. This video here leaves me pretty skeptical of what the actual deal is
    I ain't paying a bar fine for a chance to date no broad. If I want to risk that I'll just meet a girl on the outside of the bar. If I pick up a girl from the bar its gonna be for a sure thing and she might get a tip when we done or we might hit it off. Chivalry is for the real world. Inside the bar I'm playing for keeps. I know a girl is making money and is at work so I don't go with the hottest broad in the bar. There was plenty of girls that we met in the bar did short time maybe a co you ple of times then never paid again. We learned to take them to grande island or some of the other beach resorts. We were good looking young guys though and got plenty of girls in the states. I'm sure that if I went in now to a bar I'd have to be a little more diplomatic because I'm going on 50. So a girl ain't looking to have fun and party with me. She will be looking for a nice guy that she might have a chance of getting a long term deal that takes care of her. The thing bn is to if a guy is disgusting then he needs to realize that if he has any chance of a girl wanting to get with him he better choose something that isn't the most popular girl in the bar. A guy has to be realistic

  2. nelco69

    Land of Smiles Thailand. Hi, Simon. A bar fine is for the bar, not the girl. So if you are going to give her the bar fine, then you had better make sure that the girl works for the bar. because if she is freelancer then there is no guarantee that she will ever turn up. A few of my mates over the years have got caught with that one. Thai's are opportunists and if you give them the opportunity then they will take it. Remember they think we are all rich because we have lots of money. It doesn't enter their head that most of us have had to save up that money for ages to be able to come over to Thailand.


  3. Thailand on tour Andy

    Yes mate she was a diamond there not all bad ok she was on the phone to farrangs sending her cash more fool them her job but I saw her heart for free love is free it can't be brought in always give the girls great tips if they take care of you but this one just wanted to be a girl with a boy like normal

  4. Thailand on tour Andy

    ok little true story in the bar girls defense ok my wife went off to her moms so I had a few days in pattaya as you do I was on beach road in a bar I frequently used I had a temperature come on and felt not so good this girl who was taking care of could see I was unwell ok here we go with the weird bit she came from around the bar she paid the bar fine i shit you not this is true 55 took me by the hand and said come on . ok by this time I didn't know what to think I asked where we were going she said I'm going to take you to my room ok really strange never has a bar girl done that but ok so this girl who was not new to pattaya took me back to her personal room made me lie down and said I will be back in a minute ok by this time I was thinking all sorts 555 any way up about 10 minutes later this girl came back with medicine which was really nice it was all sealed so I wasn't going to get drugged 55 Sara paracetamol and cooling pad for my head I couldn't believe what was happening I was waiting for the catch anything I have never seen or heard anything like this anyway macha that's her name gave me sara cool pad and went back to the bar omg it was so weird anyway she kept popping back to see me as the bar wasn't far away eventually macha came to the room and stopped with me ok and the plot thickens her phone rang a few times she answered didn't blink an eye to some farrang who had gone home none of my business but a bit strange being in a bar girls room in her bed with her taking to a farrang don't really like using that word but easy as you know what I mean so the calls kept coming then she put her phone onto silent time to sleep it was so strange this was 12 years ago now never forgot it anyway this girl curls up to me and goes to sleep pressing the cool pad on my forehead so I never paid various fine girl takes me to her own apartment buys me tablets ect won't take any money what the f@@K IS GOING ON 555 anyway wakes up in the morning macha goes to shower says be back ten minutes ok comes back with breakfast and coffee omg I know I know you think this is bullshit I promise you this happened again she wouldn't take one stang I was really confused I can tell you so had breakfast shower I went back to my room swapped numbers which as a rule I never ever do but I did with her. anyway macha called me later and came to where I was having a drink I asked her why why I don't understand why you did what you did took care of me spent money on me wouldn't take no money she said to me I have plenty of cash land house everything I just wanted to be with you like a boyfriend and girlfriend to be treated like a lady omg I couldnt believe this I've heard of bar girls paying a good looking thai man 1000 bhat to have a night of passion but never a farrang anyway macha turns up everyday I took her out as a normal lady restaurant bar ect had a great time with this strange girl anyway she went to school everyday to improve her English so I saw her later she never asked for anything I gave her money anyway but she didn't want it by this time I couldn't get me hat on I was so confused she knew I was married but just wanted to be treated like a human being like a lady never forget her so there you have it o one more thing I rented a big motorbike we were on second road by walking Street police pulled me in not helmet macha gets off the bike goes over to the kiosk pays my fine comes back says let's go wouldn't let me pay I always pay take care who takes care of me this girl I don't know where she was from still keep in touch with her unbelievable but so true

  5. userwl2850

    the thing is… you pay the bar fine for her saying meet you later…… a few bars later you see a better girl and do the same thing…..a few bars later another beauty…..and it goes on and on. I once bar fined 3 girls and ended up on walking Street and going home alone cus I couldn't find one as good as the first girl. 🤔 beer chang can really make a mess of a good night.


    Sounds good in theory but I have my doubts how well that plan works in practice. Must admit though I always tend to see the better looking girls in the bars early evening, come midnight there isn't usually too much left.

  7. DocZom

    Simon, where is bar fine tip vid 2? I don't see it in your home page.

    I have not been to LOS, but many times to Phils. I have been told that in LOS you don't get the GFE from the Thai bar girls like with Filipinas. That Thai girls are more professionals, preferring to take care of business and go home. Whereas in the Phils, the girls sometimes don't ever want to leave.

    Is that your observation as well? Is there GFE with Thai bar girls?

  8. Steff Traveler

    I'm not not sure if i follow you, but i'm just a newbie in these things. Only visiting Thailand for 10 years. But you pay a girl a barfine in the hope she will call you later. And doesn't go with any other men and just sits there alone with a soda all night?
    I just want to see that face of the cassier when you've paid and walk out the bar alone 🙂 In the hope she will…

  9. Tom Cat

    good advice simon and that still works today.I use to do it years ago but I told the girl to stay at her bar until I got back.No cell phones in those days.If you see a stunner then bar fine her asap .Do not expect she be there long as most bar girls in pattaya are long in the tooth these days.

  10. Wil Strong

    Looking relaxed, no worries on being a cheap Charlie tip but once spotted nothing like having that young lady in your back pocket and you and mates can have a night and catch up with her later.
    Done before and will again I'm sure

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