Thailand Love – (My song about the beautiful Thailand)

After a Thailand vacation I composed, wrote and recorded this song about the great nation of Thailand. Hope you like it!

Hans Netten

10 Replies to “Thailand Love – (My song about the beautiful Thailand)”

  1. hellosawasdee

    Sawasdee krub Nash.

    I put your video to be my First favorite in Youtube after watching it. Your video is very lovely and it makes me smile widely. The music, lyrics and clips as well as your voice are mixed very well. I love it.

    Khob Khun Krub _/_

  2. tomas johansson

    Hello nash, i love this song, i listening to it every day, and when i work and not enjoy it i sing on this song nowing that i soon go back to thailan. thank you have you done some more music? take care frome your thai friend tomas

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