Official Thailand Travel Montage | Full Moon Beach Party , Maya Bay Boat Adventures , Fire Dance

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Wild & Away had the chance to Travel throughout Thailand this Summer for what was an unbelievable 45 day life-changing experience. This marks the longest amount of time we have spent backpacking, sightseeing and partying throughout any single country during our Travel careers. Leaving the awesome country of Thailand the last thing on our minds. Thank you to all the awesome people Wild & Away met during this Thailand Travel adventure and were apart of this video. Our experience would not have been the same without you.
Thailand offers endless amounts of new and invigorating experiences to the relentless backpacker, adventurer and Party seeker. This video features scenes from Bangkok, Koh Phangan, Koh Samui, Koh Phi Phi, Phuket and Au Nang Thailand. The Elephant Showers, Half Moon Party, Monkey Cave and the infamous Full Moon Party, this country has it all! If Thailand was not on your Travel list prior to this, hopefully watching Official Thailand Travel Montage, will change your mind. Enjoy!

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41 Replies to “Official Thailand Travel Montage | Full Moon Beach Party , Maya Bay Boat Adventures , Fire Dance”

  1. Altex lan

    singapore is all raped during japanese war, hence there many chinese carrying the japanese DNA. it is a big shame. lets us cover up and make the chinese feel proud and call them "theng nang" which means great people.

  2. Axedak Yonder

    I'm traveling to Thailand on a budget and the most helpful resource I've found so far is this travel guidebook on Amazon "Travel Cheap: Explore the world with your piggy bank savings". The guy shows you how to "Travel Thailand, Cambodia & Laos for $1000". Basically I can travel3 countries for 6 weeks with $1000. This includes Accommodation, food,
    transportation, Tours & Activities, entrance fees to Grand Palace and so on…

  3. ShredIt

    I decided to click on the video and watch and glad I did . Your channel is such an inspiration, if you keep working hard you will become big I KNOW 😉 Thanks for making such good videos, Big Inspiration I LOVE to make videos as well and i also make adventure videos It would be awesome if you could come check out my channel and maybe give me some criticism or anything thanks YOU ROCK ;D

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