21 Replies to “Parasailing @ Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand”

  1. sactownism

    No lie, but this was the same person who was with me when I went parsailing on November 19th, 2017. The last activity I did before I left home to the US. I would not do this again not because of safety reasons, but because of price. I paid $50 US for 2 minutes which is super expensive.

  2. Dave Epelone

    I don't understand why the guy goes up with him .. I've parasailed many times before and never seen that. Seems to me it would be more dangerous and also I want to be up there by myself, I don't want company. I would never take a parasail ride that way.

  3. FSX - TOYS

    A poor girl smashed her leg into a jet ski doing paragliding on this beach yesterday. A wooden stick used as a makeshift splint by the ‘lifeguards’ and the ambulance took a good 20-30mins to get to her. there is always a risk with any water sports, but when you do it in a place that has zero health and safety regs you can multiply that risk many times. I really hope she was okay.

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