GIANT LOBSTER TOM YUM!! Insane Thai Street Food at Night Market in Bangkok, Thailand!

Can Ramon and I finish the GIANT Lobster Tom Yum food challenge!?
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Talad Rot Fai Ratchada (ตลาดรถไฟรัชดา) – Also known as the train market, is one of the most popular night markets in Bangkok. It’s especially popular on the weekend when a younger crowd flocks to the market to eat the latest Thai street food trends, and hang out with friends.

The train market has in recent months become famous for its giant food – you’ll find a number of giant Thai dishes to try like egg noodles, pork bone soup, and now the massive lobster tom yum – possibly the world’s biggest bowl of tom yum?

Diaw Goong Rot Fai Restaurant (เตี๋ยวกุ้งรถไฟ) – This is the name of the restaurant, and when we ordered they started preparing the lobster.

Giant Lobster Tom Yum (ก๋วยเตี๋ยวต้มยำโครตกุ้งมังกรยักษ์) – They serve it in a basin, like a mini bathtub, not even a bowl. And it’s HUGE. They layer in the fish, squid, mussels, shrimp, and finally a giant lobster goes on top, followed by all the tom yum soup broth. Honestly, the seafood isn’t the freshest or best quality, but you don’t really go to eat a bathtub of seafood for the quality – you go for the insaneness of it.
Price – 2,800 THB ($89.27)

Here are the other Thai street foods we tried on this tour:

Seafood griddle cakes (ขนมครกทะเล)
Price – 60 THB ($1.91)

Green mango crab egg salad (ยำมะม่วงไข่ปูทะเล)
Price – 150 THB ($4.78)

Watermelon shake (แตงโมปั่น)
Price – 60 THB ($1.91)

Thanks again to Ramon for joining me on this Thai street food lobster tom yum food challenge! Again, check out Ramon:


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48 Replies to “GIANT LOBSTER TOM YUM!! Insane Thai Street Food at Night Market in Bangkok, Thailand!”

  1. Mary Faith Fondador

    Hi Mark weins, been following ur vlog for quite long now. Atlast we will visit thailand in december 28-jan1. I and my boyfriend will celebrate our 10th anniversary there, my 30th birthday and our first travel together. We wish to have a picture with you and tried the foods youve vlogged since we love to eat. I just wish you would read this comment😃. Im just giving it a try.




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  3. George Chow

    Went to try the tom yum lobster today , very disappointed , the tom yum soup taste like it's from instant noodle , the seafood not fresh , crab meat feel like paste , lobster overcook too tough , i will never going back again .

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